#SPB Top picks from HOI Digifunk Collection Vol II

House of Ittehad is a big name in the textile industries of Pakistan, plus they come up with different collections suitable for different seasons and all the good reasons! Recently they launched the DigiFunk Embroidered Series Vol II, which is not only Winter friendly but also good for the festive season! #SPB reveals it's top picks from this amazing collection... Read More to Reveal More!!!

Stage Line Professional Launches HD Paint Stick

It is great, as a makeup enthusiast, when you favourite brands launch new products in market. Such a new launch was of Stageline Professional's HD Paint Stick! Organized by Beauty Hooked & PR by TransmediaPk.
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My favourite child, my prized possession SPARKLING PALETTE BLOG is 5 years old today! This is not only my outlet of creativity, but my Pride!

On this day I really want to thank Almighty for being so kind and generous as ever, blessing me and my blog all this time. My Family & Friends whose support and kindness touched me in many ways. My Followers who have always been there to cheer me up OR cheer with me! The Brands, PRDigital and Marketing people and agencies who have always assured me the worth of my blog.

Thank you everyone, out there, who even played a tiniest role in success of #SPB, I couldn't have done without anyone of you!

InshaAllah, #SPB will strive for more and bring out the best for its readers and followers.

To celebrate this we are already having many Giveaways going on our social media networks, do participate as in celebration we are extending the closing date till 30th November, 2016.

Love to all!
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Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!


Artiste Palette - Made in Pakistan! Discount CODE


Nothing is more pleasurable than enjoying the creation by one of your beloved fellow bloggers! So proud of The Pout Painter's duo Fizzah & Sadaf for creating the #ArtistePalette, which is surely a revolutionary tool for all makeup enthusiasts!
Find the Discount Code in the End of the post!
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Stageline Professional H-Fix Eye Liner & Ultra Defined Mascara

H-Fix Gel Liner - Black Stageline Ultra Defined Mascara - Black

Eyes are the main focus of any makeup look, be it glam or no-makeup look. Makeup enthusiasts are always in search for best products which assure longevity and deliver results! Today #SPB reviews Stageline Professional's H-Fix Gel Liner and Ultra Defined Mascara.
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Homes Need to be Beautiful Too

Your home is your sanctuary. There are many different ways you can make your home more beautiful and relaxing than ever before. A plain and bland house is going to be much less inviting than a beautiful home that you call your paradise. Taking the time to make your home more decorated and beautiful can make a great difference not only in the quality of your life but the value of your home as well. With many home decor tutorials online, making your home a beautiful place to live is easier than ever before.