Luscious double-ended eyeliner brush IT WORKS!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Sparkle 5 Comments

I was going through my prescious Luscious treasure and decided to share with u about one of the very handy n workable tool...that is the 2 in 1 double ended eyeliner brush....have a look!

First of all the look of this makeup tool is so kool that i cudnt resist and bought it immediately:) like instead of using two tools u have one handy tool to work with on ur eyes. Its suitable for all looks like simple, cheek etc. but esp work wonders for SMOKEY eyes:) n for that u have to buy Luscoius Smoke eyeshade as well:)(will review that soon)
Now let me tell u about the both ends individually... On 1 end its the smudges, its black n stiff, not like a sponge which can be easily pressed, its stiffness help it n u to have the perfect smuding on the eyes where its needed the most:) i like its dome like shape with a stiff tip which even help u to work in a thin line as well...well u only can tell after using it but trust have a close look:)
well u see how perfectly domed shape with a stiff pointed tip it is...
The other end is a brush well quater a centimeter wide it is but serves many purposes. I use it to apply my base eyeshade, as it helps to glide it all over my eyes:), it can be used to apply the main eyeshade and eyeliner from the glamoreye palette of luscious. well thats up to u how u use it but it will never disappoint me again, this product is worth Rs 350 n that spending will not disappoint the make up lovers like u and me. Have a look

 So when are u welcoming it in ur tool kit? I hope soon u can buy it from the stores or from online Luscious shop HERE!!! 
What Luscious says about this:
What it is:
A professional quality, two-in-one eyeliner tool for creating a soft smokey eye look.
What it does:
One end is a flat eyeliner brush and the other end is a smudge dome. Line the length of ur upper and lower lashes with the flat eye liner brush and use the smudge dome to soften the line for modern smokey look. Suitable to use with all types of eyeliners:)
n I say it truly does  it all...
So use it and if u have it already let me know how u find it, ill be defenitely waiting for ur comments:)
Remember me in ur prayers

Note: this product is my own purchase not a PRsample:)

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  1. nice blog honey..keep writing, we'll be in touch

  2. Thanx Rakhshanda Thanx for following:)

  3. precise n nice review .will u plz tell me wt stuff is used to made it?

    1. it is made up of some synthetic stuff, as no cruelty is the motto of this company:) thanx for liking and following?:))))


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