Maybelline LASH STILETTO ultimate Length MASCARA!!! review n swatches

Thursday, January 26, 2012 Sparkle 2 Comments

Hey Cute girls!!!
As we all know that even the best makeup look is INCOMPLETE without Mascara(on real or false lashes, whatever is ur choice for the occasion), so im reviewing a mascara which has been my best choice this winter. Its MAYBELLINE LASH STILETTO ultimate Langth Mascara, Brownish Black # 952.& the part i love ITS WASHABLE. have a look
well the packaging is real awesome n stilish like its name n the mascara itself is really a worth have. Maybelline's mascara claims
  • 70% LongerLashes In one step
  • Shiny Patent Finish
And I agree with their claims it gives u strengthen and long lashes.

Why I chose this shade in Brownish black?
  1. I wanted a change from normal Black black mascara
  2. It still gives blackish shade with smooth texture that is the forte' of Maybelline mascaras
  3. It matches my brownish black hair
So now is it fair enogh to choose this shade? Ya im sure ull agree. Some times one is so bored of routine shades so its good to have a change n try somethiong new, n experimneting in makeup is always good as it makes u fearless n bold with cosmetics n looks. Here is the swatch its perfect is u dont want ur lashes Crow Black:)

The wand is simple but perfect it dosnt mess around one's eyes n does it job perfectly:) here is the WAND:

  1. It removes easily with soap and water
  2. doesnt cause lash breakage
  3. And amazingly doesnt spill away easily(trust me on that)
Sometimes I really cant follow my makeup removing regime and wash my face directly(it happens only sometimes when im damn sleepy or just cant do the whole regime). There washable mascara is perfect it goes away with water n soap/facewash easily. Lately i have been using Waterproof mascaras which are hard to be removed with water and needs eye makeup remover and when u do that with it goes away ur prescious lashes, n trust me that is A HUGE LOSS!!! And to prove that it is also not that fragile washable mascara let me share my experience with u which made me love it more:) Last month I attended a wedding putting on this mascara, n being so sensitive i cudnt resist crying at the time of bride's rukhsati(that most of us cant do) I cried all my heart out, but didnt rub my eyes just dabbed them with tissues under my lower lashes, n amazingly after the whole dramatic episode my eye makeup was OK no stain of mascaras(but u have to be careful not to rub ur eyes- otherwise its still washable;))

This winter it has been my first choice for lashes and I lined my eyes with Revlon Luxurious Color eyeliner in shade 505 Brushed Pewter(greyish toned) here is the look:)

Hope You liked my review n Look do let me know? I bought it for 700Pkr from a cosmetics store in Islamabad.
Untill next time take good care of your self and your loved ones:)
Remember me in your prayers

Note : these products are my own purchase. The compnay did not compel or request me to write this review:)

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  1. hey liked ur blog n ur look esp the revlon pencil...wher u get it i cudnt find it here in my city:( bt good one keep it up!!!!

  2. This looks amazing nice review :)


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