My winter skin care regime!!!

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Hey girls
It took me long to write a blog but it was all coz of shifting n upset routine but now im trying to settle:) so thats the good part, once the routine is set ull get to read more n more blogs IA
Today what i m sharing with u is my daily skin care regime, easy n quick, in this harsh winter esp in ISloo(Islamabad).
My skin is realllllllly dry n gets red in harsh winter seasons, cracks become visible n skin starts irritating me. First i thought just to change my face cream/ mousturizer, but that didnt work. Thanx to all my friends on FB n a salesman at Body Shop F-10 who made me realize that my skin is sensitive, thats the harsh situation for a skin trust me:( (although i didnt buy any thing from Body shop but soon i will as my monthly cosmetics shopping budget is approved, although less but enough for me). Now having the idea of the real problem of your skin resolves half of ur problem, MY SKIN WAS DRY PLUS SENSITIVE!!!, the senstive part was ignored earlier. While doing the grocery of thios month my eyes catched a glimpse of Johnson's Face wash cute squeezy Tube on which it was written Big, SENSITIVE SKIN, I put that in my trolly, n really dont regret doing so....have a look on the product

Johnson's &Johnson's Face wash for sensitive skin
Its 3 in 1
  • Gently cleanses
  • Removes dirt and make-up(goooood!!!!)
  • Hypoallerganic (verrryyy gooood!!!)
Its 150 ml, a real good quantity to use in a month or two, if u regularly wash ur face two or three times a day, washing face alot also makes it worse so dont wash more than three times esp with soap/ facewash. For me its working superb do try n  tell me, as sometimes only cream or mousturizer cant rescue ur skin u need to start caring from the start , n that is washing the skin so choose the best facewash that suites u, spend money there, n ull feel the difference although its not that expansive like other brands but Rs. 225 are worth it.
Step 2 is obviously mousturizing ur skin, for me it is so otherwise if u cleanses ur skin then u need to apply toner b4 moustrizing, i skip these two parts due to quik fixing routine:)lolz, so quik of me na?
Olay Classic, beauty fluid, pinky one, is doing good with my skin as it has always done n will keep on doing so I BELIEVE:) its light non-sticky, non-greasy, what else do u want if ur not fond of dabbing ur face with nivea cream or vaseline...urrrggghhhhhh!!!!, her have a look at my Olay bottlenow the new product is equally good for normal skin and dry, combo they call it...

Trust me it worth it even if its Rs. 350 they also have double action night cream but at night after washing my face finally I apply BEBECO Hydrabio whitening Mousturizing lotion its really hydrating, suitable for day n night but i use it only at night for two reasons
  1. in day-time Olay is doing good for me
  2. its glass-bottled that means i cant squeeze it in hurry, it needs time to get lotion out of it by striking it many times on my palm, (this is only the negative point of this, but the lotion is very good)
they say it Easter grass, "Discover, the legend of herba selaginellae, its a species of plant living in harsh, extremely dry desert, is famed for its resurrection properties. Only with few drops of water, it can survive and thrive." if its true then its kool as it really softens the skin hydrate and brightens it, im using it at night n m loving my skin. I bought it from Al-Fatah, lahore i think it was around Rs. 700, a good price to hydrate ur skin with this magical plant...:)

with cover

so the face is being taken care of, but what about lips???? I got vaseline lip care total mousture, although it dosnt stay long as they say 24 hr moisturized lips but still, when ever its there lips are not irritating me,( earlier i wrote that i cant tolerate vaseline on my skin but for lips n craked feet nothing is better than vaseline i have to admit:)) I got it for Rs. 85 from a medical store, its Indian packing and it hearts as its price in India is MRP Rs. 25 only:(
How can i forget my Hair n Body and Hand's skin, in this regime. my hair are also unpredictable like my skin, some times they are achay bachay n sum times NOT...lolz, this winter i got Silvikrin's Olive Shampoo for them for dry hair n so far its working, although its for Full n thick hair,,,but managing my hair from falling n drying too, whenever some shampoo gives me trouble i always trust Silvikrin for two reasons
  1.  Its a good brand and if its from KSA, then it cant be fake!!!(Kingdom of Saudia Arabia)
  2. Olives are good for dry skin u can use its oil also to massage hair n skin
for body i got Shelley Intensive lotion for body and hands, although its name is poetical n caught my attantion due to the name of an english poet P.B Shelley...but its really good and smooth on my skin, which is VERRRY DRY...until now u all must have known this...lolz, its smooth non-greasy non-sticky n quick absorbing quality...
Here is my Dry skin care regime this winter, do u like it, or u wanna suggest ur some product or share ur experiences or regime of skin care do comment n let me know!!!
Happy Winters have alot of dry fruits, oranges and coffee..n remember me on every sip:)
Love U all!!!
Take good care of urselves n remember me in ur prayers....:)

Note: All views and experiences with these products are solely my own, and I bought these products myself, no company has compelled or requested me to write this blog for them.

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  1. hey love your products..i have this Shelley lotion with Vit E and B5 complex ,bought it for the first time and its really good...

  2. thanx samreen:) intensive one is really good for driest skin like mine:)

  3. good now i know that problem may be is with my face wash will try this face wash:)my skin is toooooooooooooo dry n sensitive:(


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