Terracotta Time...Golden Rose Terracotta Blush on! Review n swatches

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Sparkle 4 Comments

Well what best i could share with u today,than my Golden Rose Terracotta Blush on in shade #03. Have a look first then ill let u know about my views on this shimmery wonder:)
 Well surely u all be knowing that terracotta blush ons are different from our other blush-ons as they have tints of different shades 2 or 3, number may vary in different products. In this one the obvious tone is that of Lush Pink and Shimmery Gold a perefect blend and a must have for night function wearing. If u like wearing a shimmery blush with Pink under tone then its suites ur need. whether it be Shadi, Birthday or just an evening party its a must with all its glittery golden shimmer n Pinky hue. Lets have a close look(thanx for my camera to capture it perfectly:))
Wow!!!! ain't it lovely but when its on your cheeks its superb. I apply it after contouring on the apples of my cheeks i dab the brush on the side with more golden tints and for the jaw line i take a dab of the pinkish side and then my perfect look for night functions is complete and complimented. here are the swatches:

swatch in flash light

swatch in natural light:)
  Ok gals i always chek my blush on on the upper side of my closed fisted hand as it really gives the results of the cheeks, do try this tip n let me know:) the shade is dark to light from laft of the picture to the right, u can see the pinky hues on the lsft side where its is dark n on the right its soft golden shimmer:)
I love this shade n its a must for me for evening party wearing, if u like it or already using it do let me know.

I bough it from Al-Fatah store in liberty Lahore for 700 PKR approx:)
Till then takare
Remember me in your prayers

Note: this product is my own purchase and the company did not compel or requested me to write this review:)

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  1. that's a beautiful product :) xx

  2. Good review.. Good to knw someone's writing blogs on products available in lahore..

  3. thanx sara :) yup surely itis a beautiful product and a wonder to use:)

  4. thanx Iqra, its my aim to write about the products every where inPakistan soon ull get more reviews on wonderful products available all over Pakistan in stores or on-line:)


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