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Hey MakeupLovers
I am Happy to announce my FIRST giveaway on completing hundred Likes on my page on facebook, and for it I have to present none other than Sharina concentrated Perfume in Rusasi, Arbic perfume worth 1000 Dirhams:) Have a look!!!
Well its worth it!!! 200 ml of concentrated Arabic fragrance in diamante' studded casing with beautiful domed cover casing...
what You have to do to get it....

  1. Like this Giveaway and share about it on your wall tagging your maximum friends(10-20)
  2. Like my Face book Page and invite your friends to Like it also Here!!!
  3. Publicly follow my Blog and subscribe to it via email here!!!
  4. Add my gmail account Sparkling Sparkle on google+
  5. Add Sparkling Sparkle (thats me) as a friend on Facebook(optional)
  6. Like and share my albums 1234567 and 8 on ur wall and page if u have any
  7. ONLY Email me ur GFC name and face book ID with all the shared links on your wall,your wishlist of 5 Oriflame products,your blog link if u blog and ur contacting email id on
  8. You have to tell me 5 products name of Oriflame which are on your wishlist(in the same email)
  9. OPTIONAL you can blog about my giveaway and attach this picture in ur blogs sidebar, do send me the link (this can give u 2 extra enteries)
  10. tag your friends in my albums OPTIONAL but the more you tag chances of 2 extra enteries are there
I Know its not that simple to win this perfume....but still I want you all to participate and May the best one wins, contest ends 15th March 1012. The decision will be final and unchallengeable.

BEST of LUCK all
Take good care of your self and remember me in you prayers

NOTE: this giveaway  is NOT sponsored:)

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