My Oriflame HAUL!!!!:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Sparkle 2 Comments

Hey Cute Girls!!!
Hope you all be fine and loving your make up and buying more to add to your I right? Yes I am...
I want to share with you all  my Oriflame Haul..have a look...
I was wishing to buy this all since long and got the oppusrtunity to buy from THE ORIFLAME WONDER SALE  so took the advantage and bought it all:)
  Here is the list with prices (sale+ Orignal)
  1. Optimals White Body Lotion, sale price: Rs. 749 orignally Rs 1490
  2. Pure Nature Acai&pomegranate Anti oxidant Face wash: Rs. 429 orignal: 590Rs
  3. Pure Nature Acai&pomegranate Anti oxidant DAY CREAM:Rs. 449, orignal: Rs 690
  4. Pure Nature Acai&pomegranate Anti oxidant NIGHT CREAM: Rs 498, orignal: Rs. 790
  5. Feet Up Soothing Foot Cream: Rs 298, orignal:Rs. 349
  6. Nourishing Hand Cream for Dry hands: Rs. 298, orignally, Rs. 398
  7. Oriflame Wonder Colour Lipstick in PINK  LADY. Rs 690:)
To get advantage from Oriflame wonder Sale KLIK!!!
Thats all for now but stay tuned for the reviews and if you wanna buy such a haul for yourself with great offers you can add my profile: Hudzy Sparkle to your friend list HERE!!!

Until next time love yourselves and your loved ones
Remember me in your prayers


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  1. gr8 haul!!! do post the reviews and lipstick swatches :) and hey I am your GFC follower now :)

    1. Hey Thanx Golden Falcon...swatches and review are coming soon...stay tuned and keep reading


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