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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 5 Comments

Hey Make Up LOVERS!!!
Hope you all be feeling good and caring for your skin not only on face but all body, so let me have the pleasure of sharing a new wonderful product which I bought for my self from WONDER SALE of Oriflame HERE!!!

The Product is from Optimal Whitening range of Oriflame. The actual Price is Rs 1490 but in sale i got it for Rs. 749 wow!!! and WOW i said after the first use:)

You see how happy is my Shopaholic Mousy on getting this Optimal White body Lotion with Liquorice Extracts + Whitening Complex. The beauty of this product:

  • Its suitable for ALL SKIN TYPE
  • Its Whitening
  • Its moisturizing 
  • Non-Greasy
  • UV filtered

"Non-greasy mousturizing body lotion enriched with botanical Whitening Complex and Liquorice Extract naturally lightens skin tone day by day. UV filters help to reduce pigmentation."

Whitening Complex and liquorice helps to reduce existing pigmentation and prevent excessive pigmentation.

  • Anti-shine agents mattifies the skin and controls sebum levels. Long lasting anti-shine effect-78%
  • Botanical Whitening Complex reduces skin pigmentation. Skin looks lighter-66%
  • you get visible whitened facial skin in 4 weeks

Its 200ml in a beautiful White tube with a flip open cap:) The result of its smooth texture can only be felt after use and in the first use you will see the difference from a dull skin to a radiant soft skin. what they say in Urdu:) AZMAISH SHART HAY!!!
The Actual Price is Rs. 1490 but its available on Sale price 749 HERE!!! get benefit from this Wonder sale offer till the stock ends:) Dont forget the code: 17590, I cant forget the code as its in the best selling list so far:)

The other Products On sale from Optimal Whitening range are:
Skin lightening facial cleanser. Enriched with mild surfactants to remove impurities and prepare skin for the application of WHIT DAY FLUID SPF 15 and/or WHITE NIGHT CREAM. 200 ml. code 12553
Orignal Price: Rs 890 SALE PRICE: Rs 690:)

This gentle toner lightens, refreshes and tones skin. 200ml. Code: 12554
Original price: Rs. 890 And SALE PRICE: Rs 690:)
Lightens skin throughout the night Formulated with the natural actives to help reduce skin pegmentation and moisturising ingredients that restore moisture levels to day-light exposed skin. 50ml. Code: 12551
Original Price: Rs 1290 and SALE PRICE: Rs. 890

Until next time take good care of yourselves and esp your skin all over your body as thats your real home and should be kept clean and taken care of:)
Remember me in your prayers


Note: This product is my own purchase not a PR sample. Although I am an independent consultant at Oriflame but that does not effect my views about this product as I am 100% Honest in my views and with my followers:) 

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  1. Thanx Rabi:) I m sure you wanna try this n its worth trying..im loving it:)

  2. hey very nice review,thank u so much for the insight..............

    can anybody pls let me know whether oriflame, optimals white foaming cleanser can be used for body?????????? pls pls pls............i liked the review very much and i want to try to my entire body as well, pls suggest me, thank uuuuuuuuuuu.............


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