Oriflame Pure Colour lipsticks~ review and Swatches

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 3 Comments

Hey Make Up Lovers!!!
Hope you all be fine and loving yourself and trying new cosmetics.
Well here is the review of new lipsticks in my Makeup Drawer: Oriflame Pure Lip color Lipsticks in:

  1. Vintage Rose 21149
  2. Soft Caramel 21156
  3. Radiant Red 21153
No doubt a makeup lover rather maniac like me cant help trying any new thing in the town esp when its on Sale...lolz. I instantly ordered these three lipstick when I saw their shades when one of my friend customer ordered these. I fell in love when even I took the first swatches from my lipsticks, the reasons:
  • The colour is same on the swatch as on the stick and as was on the shade card(there are companies selling cheap lipsticks whose colour on lips are different from the one on stick and that is absolutely different from the colour on the Lip shade card....) thats not the case with ORIFLAME  and I LOVE IT FOR THIS QUALITY
  • Full colour pigmentation
  • Smooth texture, apply smoothly in one go
  • Moisturizing
  • Glowing
  • Doesnt SMUDGE or break easily(as not when you are only trying to apply it, hmm well if you drop it when open then no gaurentee...lolz)
  • Nice and Durable packaging
  • Made in Germany:) not China
  • And these all qualities in such an affordable price only for Rs 199(Sale price that is)

Look at the colour and I bet it will give the same shade in the swatches and then on the lips...
In Flash Light from left 2 right VINTAGE ROSE, SOFT CARAMEL & RADIANT RED
Without Flash light from left 2 right VINTAGE ROSE, SOFT CARAMEL & RADIANT RED
Now let me show you each shade individually review the shades for u as you have seen the swatches:)
VINTAGE ROSE code 21149:
This is some what a nude matte shade giving a very soft and kool hint of Tea pink in Soft Tone with pink rosey hues, but full pigmented good textured smooth moisturizing at the same time:)
 SOFT CARAMEL code 21156:
This is really a soft caramel shade with little sparkling in it,  but full pigmented good textured smooth moisturizing at the same time:)
RADIANT RED code 21153:
It is obviously a Red which will make a radiant red statement on your lips complimenting your look and makeup:),  but full pigmented good textured smooth moisturizing at the same time:)

So now you can see ur self that the colour in the swatch is same as it is seen in the stick!!! I am SURE now your next choice for trying new lip shades will definitely be Oriflame Pure colour lipsticks so for order and any further consultation visit my Facebook Profile or simply EMAIL ME.

The sale price is Rs. 199 4.g. actually it was Rs. 349 so a straight 43% discount.. avail the opportunity till the stock ends:)
The clear shade card is here: n trust me you can easily choose as the colours will be the same on the stick:)

My next choice is definitely CORAL RED & VINTAGE NUDE ...WHATS YOURS????

Until Next time take good care of yourselves and try new makeup products...
and remember me in your prayers always:)


Note: This product is my own purchase not a PR sample. Although I am an independent consultant at Oriflame but that does not effect my views about this product as I am 100% Honest in my views and with my followers:) 

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  1. Great swatches.Wondering y the Radiant Red one doesnt look as red as the lipstick looks like.Still beautiful.My choice will be Soft caramel.Wish it were more pigmented..
    Following u now

    1. The shades are full pigmented dear cheeky chic I applied swatches softly, but on llips they all give full coverage with real colour of the stick:)m already ur follower:)

  2. Very different from he catalogue, that's what I hate about oriflame.. it's tricky to choose the color.. that's whay review like this is such a BIG HELP...
    Thanks a lot!...


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