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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Hope You all be fine and beautiful. today I want to share products of Oriflame which will actually make you not only look but also feel beautiful:) The products are pure nature 100% organic extract acai & pomegranate Antioxidant face wash, antioxidant day cream and antioxidant Night Cream. Have a look!!!
 This is the whole skin care set of products in which each products helps your skin feel and look good. These products are:

  • 100% organic extract
  • Recommended for all ages
  • for normal to combination skin
Introduction and work of each product:
  1. Antioxidant Face Wash: Gently cleanses and protects
  2. Antioxidant Day Cream: Protects skin against daily pollution
  3. Anti oxidant Night Cream: Softens skin while you sleep
What else one needs? A skin care regime which softens your skin, protects it against pollution, cleanses and protects skin against pre-mature ageing.

ACAI BARRY is widely regarded as a "super food" due to its high nutritional and antioxidant contents. Found in South American rain forests, its benefits include helping protect the skin from premature ageing.
POMEGRANATE is also rich in antioxidants and has been used as a sorce of traditional remedies for thousands of years. Native to dry climate, it offers protective properties for skin against environmental aggressors.

Pure Nature Organic Acai & Pomegrante Antioxidant Face Wash:
Refreshing face wash containing organic extracts of Acai berry and Pomegrante that gently removes make-up and impurities from the skin. 150 ml
Code: 21556
Original Price: Rs. 590
Sale Price: Rs. 429

Pure Nature Organic Acai & Pomegrante Antioxidant Day Cream:
Nourishing day cream containing organic extracts of Acai Berry and Pomegranate that helps protect skin against premature ageing. 75ml
code: 21557
Original Price: Rs. 690
Sale Price: Rs. 449

Pure Nature Organic Acai & Pomegrante Antioxidant Night Cream:
Rich-textured night cream containing organic extracts of ACai berry & Pomegranate that moisturises your skin while it rests. 75ml
Code: 21574
Original Price: Rs. 790
Sale Price: Rs. 498

As you all know that these days Oriflame is having Wonder Sale offer do chek:

My Experience:
As getting benefit from the sale I got hold of this whole skin care product set and no less i fell in love with it in the first use as the Face Wash kept my skin soft for a very long time without over drying, rather gave me a splash of fruity flavours, the day and night cream are also keeping their promises so why not give it a try trust me!!! if you wanna order this product or need any consultation about your skin care products by Oriflame suiting your skin or only wanna benefit from the Wonder sale do VISIT HERE!!!! n be benefited.

Take very good care of your self and your facial skin that is your asset if it glows then you will glow and if its dull then even the best of the shimmery foundation cant help you....


Note: This product is my own purchase not a PR sample. Although I am an independent consultant at Oriflame but that does not effect my views about this product as I am 100% Honest in my views and with my followers:) 

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