Oriflame solution for Dry hands... Oriflame Nourishing Hand cream~!~REVIEW

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Hey Cute girls!!!
how u doing today? Planning some shopping for this weekend? Let me help you buy something good and nourishing for your hands:)
see what my shopaholic mousy has for u!!!
At First let me introduce You with my Shopaholic Mousy, she loves shoping and will bring new and nice products for you...If u like her do let me know...she would love to hear your feedback:)
Since long I have been in search for some hand cream which can REALLY deals with my hand dryness and can mek them soft in this harsh weather. My problem was dealt when I ordered Oriflame's Nourishing HAND CREAM for dry hands. After first use I was sure that this was the cream I have been looking for.
  • Its nourishing
  • Its Softening
  • Its Smooth

Its made  of Sweet Almond Oil, and we all now the nourishing quality of Almond oil.
It was old european belief and true till date "that a women who can keep her hands neat and clean can also and only keep her house neat and clean" even the beautiful girls lost marriage proposals if there hands were untidy. eEven now a days when we meet someone after face the first part of body which is noticable are hands, if they are craked chipped nails, untidy, would you like to even shake hands with such a person, or wanna eat something cooked by her....SORRY A BIG NO from my side, So save your self from this embarassment and start taking care of your hands, esp if you have a habbit of talking with hands alot, like me:)lolz....coz this makes your hands even more prominent:) This Hand cream is best for ladies like us:)
As you can see in the picture above it is made in POLAND not China....(now adays even very big cosmetic companies are making there products in China to cut the cost, many still dont compromise on the quality, hope all companies dosnt compromise on the quality and also pakaging)

Few days back I visited northern areas of Pakistan, as my skin is dry and senstive I have to take care of this fact alot. This time my hands felt as if the weather is not cahnged, only because I applied my Oriflame Nourishing Hand Cream every time, for total HAND CARE. there was no dryness no cuticle splits and NO CRACKS at all, Trust me, as I tested this in the harsh weather of snow covered mountains:)

It is 100 ml, 3.3 fl.oz. orignal Price is Rs. 398 but in Oriflame WONDER SALE Offer till 31st March you can get it for only Rs. 298.

Until Next time take good care of your self esp your hands as hands are the first part of your body noticed by others.
remember me in your prayers


Note: This product is my own purchase not a PR sample. 

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