Raise ur Brows to praise the Brows with Luscious Perfect Brows Kit

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 Sparkle 8 Comments

Hey cute girls:)
Hope you all are fine and enjoying your love with make-up n cosmetics like me...am I right???
Today I am reviewing one product I never thought I will ever buy,(its not that I didnt need it, but was unaware of its utility). When I saw girls love for this product i decided to give it a try and Luscious being my favourite company left me with no other choice:) I am glad I went for it as in ur makeup look if brows are not perfect then nothing is perfect, and trust me this kit has it all what it takes for having perfect brows:)

This is the whole Kit with its packing and now you can see the Kit case open with its packing:)

Well the good part is that on the cover the way to use this kit is mentioned rather described via diagram of two eyes in step 1,2and 3.
Step 1: Pluck any extra brow hair with the mini tweezer.
Step 2: Dip the angled brow brush in the brow wax and shape brows in smooth strokes.
Step 3: Dip the nagled brow in the brow powder and fill in any gaps, shaping your brows as desired.
Quick Tip:
Pop this handy kit into your bag and touch up yuor brows with the clear mascara and mini brow pencil anytime:) (very useful TIP though:)
 The thing I most admire of Luscious is its good packaging and packing(including covers) is perfect and the products seems durable and they are... Love Luscious for this quality. Coming back to the Kit:
  • Its small and Handy
  • Yet useful and Perfect
  • Durable (in case u doesnt throw or drop it from a considerable hieght...lolz)
  • Has all the Tools for making ur eye brows perfect for a perfect makeup look:)

Luscious Claims:
"An ingenious tool kit packed with everything you need for perfectly grromed eyebrows at home or on the go!"
I agree with their claim as its easy to use at home and also handy to carry in your purse or beauty bags or clutches when you are going out:) so easy as to take it out groom your brows and put it back.
It contains all the wonder tools for the perfect Brows, here are the perfect Brows essentials:
  1. Mini Tweezer to pluck stray brow hair
  2. Brow Wax to shape and define brows
  3. Brow Powder to fill in gaps and hold brows in place
  4. Clear Mascara for touch ups on the go
  5. Angled Brow Brush for applying the Wax and the powder
  6. Mini Brow pencil
  7. And Not to forget, a mirror in the lid:) it makes the whole job easy and handy:)

You can see clearly all the wonder tools in their within their compartments(well u can see the beauty of the kit as the casing is perfectly made to contain it all without a mess)

Well these two well separated Wax and powder is undernaeth the upper portion and it is easily bendable and slides down to hide down the main case. The use of this Wax and Powder with the angled brush is so good and real in result that one of my friend who had a scar mark in her brow line which has created a half centimeter gap in her brow line, to her i suggested its use, and she says that its unbelievable how it helps her to hide the mark and people thinks that she has undergone some cosmatics surgery to fill that gap.(ill convince her to send me her pics of before nad after use then you will see the difference:))

I am really glad to buy this as I use it to shape and groom my brows for the perfect finish to my eye makeup. I have it for Medium to Dark hair. So its doing good with me, what about you? are you going to get it soon or if you have it then share your experience with me:)
I bought it from Al- Fatah Lahore for 975 Rs. you can buy it from nearest store or online from Luscious Online store HERE!!!
Enjoy cherishing and grooming your Brows so Raise the Brows to Praise the brows perfectly!!!
Until next time take good care of your self and your loved ones.
Do remember me in your prayers.


Note: This product is my own purchase not a PR sample. 

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  1. This is an awesome product.Loved it .

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  2. hmm looks interesting i really need something like ths

  3. i want to know that how can you trim your brows? it doesnot contain scissor????????????????????//

    1. Hello Anonymous:p
      yup it doesnt have a scissor but remember its a grooming kit which can be used on a go...otherwise any one can claim that it doesnt have a stencils or a thread for that matter...it is to groom the brows when u have no time to go to parlour u pluk unwanted hair shape it an fill with color n go:) for trimming u can have a small scissor as i do n thats helpful:)

  4. wao great review

    am following you now... i would love if you follow back

    1. Thanx dear do send me link of ur blog...may be m already following:)


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