EOTD... My first EOTD:) simple esp for small eyes:)

Monday, March 26, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 10 Comments

Hey Makeup Lovers!
How are you all? Hope you all be in best health happy and loving Makeup more and more:)
I have been reviewing products from some time, today I thought to share my eye makeup from one of the days, just for a change hope you all like it. I really need courage and confidence on this so in future I shall come up with more EOTD's for small eyes like mine which have a lesser space to play with eye shades ,etc:)

Now details:)
I applied My Nowadays Favorite VERY ME PEACH ME as a base its a tinted moisturizer check the review HERE!!!
I have used Azalea shade for the main color and finished it with Black shade on the outer corner, and for highlighting under the brow I used  Ice all shades from MY Ferrarucci 12 color palette you can check the HERE!!!
For defining the inner and outer corner of my eyes and also to lift the black shade upwards on the outer corner I used Luscious Black onyx pencil, review can be read HERE!!!
For my lashes I used my favorite Stylo Mascara this winter from Maybelline, review is HERE!!!

I hope You will appreciate and like my first attempt on EOTD, if I'll get good responce you will see more of Eotd'z from me IA. I am going to have mopre as generally the EOTD's I have seen are for bigger or wider eyes, I have a little smaller eyes, so wanna help and guide the ones like me, need a little BUCKUP on that:)
Do comment and let me know:) SUGGESTIONS from EOTD's guru are more than welcome:)

Until next time take good care of yourselves and your loved ones:)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank u dear, do give suggestions to make me EOTD's more elegant?

  2. very pretty <3 Great job!! Love this!!!

    1. Thanx alot its really encouraging:) so sweet of you,plz do suggest me how I can make my Eotd's more helpful and guiding and attractive also....<3

  3. Very pretty and nicely done :) xx

  4. i love the shade....i am now following you through google connect, i know i will learn a lot from your blog with regards to make-up.

  5. great look and blog now following :)
    please follow my blog


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