I welcome back AVON in my trousseau with pro luscious pout in PINK CRUSH~REVIEW & SWATCHES

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Hey Makeup Lovers:)
Hope you doing great with all your makeup treasures and enjoying new makeup or experimenting with new looks and even thinking of using your old loaded stuff, whatever you are upto be happy.
But no one can be as HAPPY as i am now a days:) The reason is only that AVON is back in my makeup kit, when I received Avon Lipstick which I ordered last week(no comments on its late delivery as DAER AYAD DARUST AYAD!!! a persian qoute)
So all my friends out there please join me in saying WELCOME BACK AVON!!!(in my makeup kit only as its been along time I bought anything from Avon)

Thank you all. Now let me introduce what is IN the cap & lid of this lipstick: it is AVON Pro Luscious Pout in PINK Crush shade with its Gold top coat in the lid of the cap in Golden shimmery gloss with a little mirror also attached on the upper side of the lid: HAVE A LOOK!!!n share my joy:)

Pro Luscious Pout Lipstick with open lid cap
 Yah Made in China disappointed me at first but the product is still english in its making and all, only the packaging is Chinese:) & of course the labor also as I in my earlier posts told You now a days even the biggest names in the cosmetics industries have there factories in China to save on the cost of the products and few companies like Avon, Essential etc don't compromise on the quality:)
Lets come to the product review: I fell in love with the colour on the lispstick at first sight and the gloss seems also good with its golden shimmer. Believe you me I was not sure that I will ever be able to touch or use this lipstick it seemed so loveable and precious to me(no no I had no tears in my eyes but only a BIG smile on my face)
A closer look of the Stick & the gloss in the lid with a little cutey mirror

Avon lipsticks have always been my lovelies for there perfect doomed, finished curved Tip. This one is also perfect with "AVON" in-carved/inscribed on its neck, the addition of the gloss on the lid plus a mirror to make it easy for use and retouching on  the go make it more lovable.
AVON inscribed on the stick& the colour
The Gold top coat in the LID

Gold top coat gloss from another angle
The gloss is Gold top coat with golden glittery shimmer and the glaze is not too liquidy and also not too thick, its not drooling from the lips and also not dripping from the cap, so your little cutey mirror is not at all drenched in  glossy sweat :)

The Gold Top coat with the little mirror
The lid on the cap has a little mirror for helping you on the go and the gloss is on the upper portion of the cap in a deep cup as its not liquidy so it doesn't drool or drip around or even on the mirror. But one thing I feel is missing in this whole package and that is the Lip brush, well that is the only minus point of the packaging of this lipstick, Avon people could have made it a little more handy if they have provided space for the brush with the brush itself in the casing, well they know it better but with a little lip brush it could have been more user friendly:)
First time I applied it with my finger tip and now i am using my Oriflame Lip/Concealer brush (Code:7998 Rs. 298 in sale) to apply the gloss after the application of the lipstick:
Now comes the best part for which I have to gather alot of strength..lolz...The Swatches:)(because I didnt want to touch it at all..wish could keep it like that)
Natural Light

A little flashy
These swatches on my inner side of the wrists are without golden gloss its just the colour of the lipstick in Pink Crush. Now, to my excitement and joy the swatches on my lips:)
Pink crush without gloss:)
Pink Crush with Gold Top coat:)

"pro luscious pout: Get the luscious pout you love! This hydrating lipstick works with the super shiney gloss to give the appearance of a fuller, plumped pout. Beautiful colours glide on easily and leave lips feeling smoother and softer.
Apply lipstick. Open top of cap to access gloss dab a small amount onto the centre of lips only."

It was the height of my joy to feel the Avon lipstick's smooth texture on my lips again, It smoothly glided and gave a full coverage to my lips. Its rich in colour, smooth in texture, moisturising/hydrating in effect and lovable as always. The shade Pink Crush is a true light/soft pink shade as if the pink rose is crushed in literal sense to create it, its cool and rosey with its creamy under tone. The lip-Stick is flavor & taste less, I love the lipsticks like that no taste , no flavor and no fragrance:) these attribute suites only fruity and minty glosses:) as lipsticks are not for eating they are to colour your lips...this is my simple philosophy:) May be you won't agree but its OK my lipsticks must be tasteless and flavorless as I like them like that:)
The Gold top coat in the lid of the cap, as I earlier described is not too thick and also not too liquidy in texture that saves your makeup kit from mess:) its a super shiney gloss with its soft golden shimmer. One thing I feel missing in the whole packaging is a little brush for applying the gloss. The little mirror in the lid is a big plus point besides the rest as it makes this lipstick handy ON THE GO. The shade is equally good for working ladies, college girls and even house wives:) (All ages)
For me its a precious addition in my makeup kit and I am loving the shade, the gloss and the lipstick all in all.
I will definitely try other shades in pro luscious pout range or any other range of Avon as its AVON:)
I got it for Rs. 690 (after sale discount from the actual price of Rs. 990) from my friend if you wanna order or inquire about Avon plz contact Iram Lilani.
This Product is used in a FOTD here.
Until next time take good care of your selves and Love makeup:)


Note: This lipstick is my own purchase, nor the company or the seller compelled or requested me to write this review:)

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  1. OMG this color looks beautiful on your lips!!!

  2. Thanx Golden Falcon I am also happy that it suited me well:) hows the review?

  3. :O :O such a great colour
    ur lips looking fab

    1. Thank u! I am glad the camera captured the true colour on my lips and surely its tooo loveable|:)

  4. Its sucha lovely color Huda :-) Nice review , thanks for sharing & keep up the good work <3 xx

    1. Thanx for the best wishes Dear:) its so energizing:)


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