BOURJOIS:Regard Pearl Eyeshadows Bois De Rose & Prune~ Review, Swatches and EOTD

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Hey Makeup lovres!!!
Hope and pray that you all be fine and as beautiful as ever:)
Here comes another promised review from my latest Haul:) and that too with swatches and EOTD.
Today there are two products under review, two single eyeshadows from the Regard Pastel Lumiere Pearl Eyeshadow range of BOURJOIS Paris (A French Brand- & purely Made in France).

BOURJIOS Regad pearl eyeshadow

How I got them? Well I saw them in the basket with the card saying "SALE" on it on Al-Fatah's counter:) I'm not sure about there actual price may be around PKR 900 but I got them for PKR 630 each:) Although buying eyeshadow was not on my top list but the shades(esp PRUNE) captured my attention and my heart so had to invest:) Lets find out my investment is good or....



Open Pot of BOIS DE ROSE

Well for some time I was looking for a pinkish or pale eyeshadow, when I had a look at it I was determined to buy it as I never used nude/pale eyeshadows, so thought to give it a try and the swatch on the hand was pretty good and tempting:) It is a kind of baked eyeshadow, and the sales man told me they are to be dis-continued. Dont know why?
The Shade is very pale, nude pink. Its good for those who love a natural look and it is a barely-there eyeshadows. I have hate and love sort of relation with this shade.
I ADORE it: for being so soft shade, my first of such nude shade, good for daily use,its not shimmery as its more of a matte type.
ABHOR/dislike it for being chalky and its application without a primer is powdery and it fades away, but a primer can hold it for long.
The packaging is good with a press-open small button:) and the container/pot has the shade of the eyeshadow inside, that's a great help as You can tell which color is in which pot:)
Its net wt.0.05oz aprox 1.5g.

Press button opening
Now Swatches time:)

Swatch of BOIS DE ROSE
As you can see its barely rather hardly there color:) & that is its beauty:)

Right: without primer Left: with Primer
On the right hand side the application is without a primer and on the left hand side the application is on the primer, I am using Rivaj UK Eyeshadow primer these days.


To create this Natural look;
For FACE: 
I have applied my new Rimmel stay matte foundation in Fair(to be reviewed soon)
I have used Rivaj UK eyeshadow primer,
On the lid I used BOIS DE ROSE by BOURJOIS,
On the crease I used a shimmery brown shade with my ferrarucci eyeshadow brush,
I lined my eyes with Karaja Black kohl pencil 
Mascara is from Rimmel, The MAX VOLUME waterproof mascara(it will be reviewd soon:)



The Pot of Prune

The Cake
This is the color which tempted me to spend PKR 1260(PKR 630 each) the first swatch made me head over heals in love with it:) This a wonderful and gorgeous shade. Its a sort of burgundy and plum with redish sparkling shimmer in it. Totally wonderful for night makeup. It is a total opposite to BOIS DE ROSE as it is the very BE-THERE sort of shade:) 
I ADORE it: for the unique shade, the blend of burgundy+plum+red sparkling shimmer, its totally seductive and tempting, best for night time.
I ABHOR it(may be): for being a bit chalky, longevity is not assured without an eyeshadow primer, these both shades made me thankful to myself that I bought an eyeshadow primer with these:)

The Packaging is the same nice with press-open button and in the shade of the eyeshadow so you colors never mix up and to find one shade you don't really had to open all the pots:)
Its net wt.0.05oz aprox 1.5g.


PRUNE without a primer

Right: without a primer Left: with a primer
 You can see the difference a primer makes in the life of these both shades although PRUNE is a visible shade but its a little chalky and to make it stay on the lid for LOOOOONG an eyeshadow primer is needed:) THANKS TO MY RIVAJ UK EYESHADOW PRIMER...ting!ting!(in an advertisement style:))

upper shades:with primer, lower shades: without primer:)
The picture above can prove the value of an eyeshadow primer in the life and beauty of these eyeshadows:) On the Right is Prune and the lsft one is BOIS DE ROSE:)

To create this evening/night time eye makeup look;
For FACE: 
I applied my Rimmel Stay matte foundation(to be reviewed soon)
I used my RIVAJ UK eyeshadow primer,
On the Lid it is the shade under discussuion, Prune by BOURJOIS Paris(the flash-light has made its sparkle visible more than the shade will do the EOTD again in day time:)),
Lined my eyeline with Luscious Bold metallic Pencil in Metallic Purple(to be reviewed soon),
Defined my both corners with Karaja Black Kohl pencil
The mascara is Max volume from Rimmel (to be reviewed soon)

I'll recommend these eyeshadows:
  • The shades are unique
  • They are pastel shades some what matte (Prune has a bit sparkling shimmer)
  • They serve the cause well as Bois de Rose will help the natural look and Prune will make your evening look better and loveable
  • Who wont like something ON SALE:)
  • It is BOURJOIS by the way or any way...lolz
You may not like them:
  • You don't find these shades appealing
  • You are a shimmery, sparkling and velvety eyeshade lover/user
  • You don't find them available in the market(sales-man told me they are dis-continued, definitely Bourjois has introduced a new range now)
  • You don't know what to do with there chalky texture
  • You use them without a primer and complain about there being fade away
  • You have issue with these shades longevity
Well it is totally up to you leave it or take it? I took them and making a good use of them in my daily routine.

Hope you all like the review do comment and share your adores and abhor about this product.

Until next time take very good care of you selves and you loved ones, and stay beautiful as you are with confidence in yourself!!!
Remember me in your prayers


Note: These products are not a PR sample:)

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  1. woww..awesome the Eye look tooo..:)

  2. the shade is so gorgeous. :)

  3. The second one is so unique, gorg!!

  4. Amazing makeup cosmatis u have i like share and tag on ur cosmatic i hope i winn this makeup

  5. ooh..i want to have that..haha! just followed u girl, thanks for dropping by my blog.. stellajezebelle dot blogspot

  6. I am after this color: BOURJOIS REGARD pastel lumiere bleu zephir #88

    It's an amazing sparking white with rad blue halo thru it. Ff you find it PLMK!
    Thank you!!


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