HOT Pink lips with Luscious Haute Pink my all time favourite~ Review and Swatches

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Its been a long time I have written any blog reviewing one of my favourite makeup product in my beauty kit, but no problem I am back, and today I am reviewing my all time favourite Lipstick from Luscious cosmetics Super moisturizing Lipstick range.
Insignia of Luscious...I Love Luscious

You can recognize this sign easily if you have fallen in love with these lipsticks:) and I am sure many of you did fall in love with this range and must have one of the shades as your own all time favorite.
Silver, Small & Strong lippie:)
First of all I like its packaging a-lot, its sillver, small yet strong, so triple S for this one...lolz
Let me reveal the shade and the rest of the story after that:)

Huate Pink..its really HOT!!!

The Bullet

The swatch

What Luscious Cosmetics says:

Luscious Super Moisturizing Lipstick

Our bestselling lipstick collection. A creamy and moisturizing formula enriched with Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil for healthy lips. Designed for all day comfort and natural color results. Each shade is now a celebrity!
Available in 20 satin-finish, shimmer and glossy shades.
Alcohol Free
Contains no animal ingredients

What I say: 
Yes undoubtedly this range is best seller and it is upto the claims of the company and expectations of the makeup lovers like me, who can not expect so much out of a true Pakistani brand. Luscious has proved its mark and point in making us all trust Pakistani brand and is surely giving a tough competition to many international brands. The best quality in their cosmetics is that it makes you fall in love with them the shades seduce you and the products tempts you and really you are knocked out and can not resist the sway and you come out of the cosmetics store carrying a bag full of Luscious and Luscious only, really trust me it happened with me many times and I love it:)

Now the swatches on the thinnest layer of inner side of your arm just lower to your palm, as this skin is nearest to one's lips skin type:
Swatch in flash-light

Swatch in day-light
 Swatches on the Lips (this is how it appears on my lips may be the shade appears differently on your lips due to the natural color and type of your lip's skin, its better you go to your nearest store having Luscious counter check the shade and fall in love with it...I cannot help loving it)
Lip Swatch in Flash-light

Lip Swatch in Natural light
My Experience:

Two years back I had a swatch from the testers of this shade from the Luscious counter in Al-Fatah and immediately fallen in love, but unfortunately couldn't buy it that time but very next time when I was able to buy some cosmetics it was the first in my shopping basket:) So this shade is truely my first love from Luscious cosmetics and the rest is not only history but my present too.
Haute Pink is a very clear pink shade, I find it Hot, Spicy and be-there shade. which makes your lips prominent. It can be worn with soft and subtle eye-shadows and equally goes with some funky summer shades. i prefer wearing it with Misty single eye shadow by Luscious, it completes my summer look. the lipstick is moisturizing and creamy based rich in texture and well pigmented, you can achieve the desired shade in one swap. The best part is that you can get it in reasonable price 3.5 g only in Rs 545( when I bought it it was Rs. 425...mehangai duhaii) , not bad when you can easily afford the lip desire.

I am very contended with this shade haven't tried any other of there shades although "Glamourous" and "Just peachy" seems good, and now their signature range is out and from reviews I am tempted to the shade in cinnamon #02 will definitely try and review it soon:)

Hope You liked the review and feel tempted to give this shade a try do let me know about your experiences with this range or shade if you own it and love it:) You can get it from Luscious counter in Al-Fatah my favorite cosmetics shopping haven or you can visit Luscious website HERE!!!

Until next time take good care of youselves and your loved ones and keep loving makeup and adore your beauty.
Remember me in your prayers.

Note: This product is my own purchase and not a PR sample:)

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