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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Have you ever experienced cranks in your stomach when you crave for some product? I did lately and here is my tempted desire Sleek Makeup's Blush by3. Read more to Know more:) Have a look at this beauty:)

Sleek Makeup Blush by 3

The veiled beauty
Out of the box!!!

The Back side
The making etc
Now let me introduce you all to the Shade of my selection but let me first tell you that when did this all started? Last month I read Sara Hassan's review about Blush by 3 in "FLAME" the shades she tried were bold and dark. When I searched for something suitable for my self then I found this soft peachy beauty "LACE" suitable for fair and medium complexions:) Have a look!!!

LACE 367

The Packaging is really strong and quality

The shades UN-VEILD 

Let me introduce you with the beautiful & unique (yet difficult to remember) names:)

left 2 right: Crochet, Guipure, Chantilly
left 2 right: Crochet, Guipure, Chantilly
Now let me have the pleasure of reviewing these shades one by one from right to left:) (I AM SO LUCKY..if Im not mistaken I will be the first Pakistani beauty blogger to review as I read no local review on this beauty:))

This is a darker shade of this palette. In the first look it seems Orange-ish peach but it has more of a pink undertones to it. Suitable for wearing in day time and casual usage in the evening times.


This is a marvelous beauty with all that shimmer in it. The basic tone is same of Chantilly Orange-ish peachy pink but alot of golden shimmer makes it stand out of this palette as it will make your cheeks blush in the night functions and you will surely stand out in the crowd with this shimmery blush:) In the reviews I read this shade has been immensly compared with single blush Rose gold by Sleek Makeup.

This shade is the actual beauty of this palette, I fell in love with this shade when I first saw it in the picture gallery of Sleek makeup site. My love grew stronger when I saw it with my naked eyes when I held this palette for the first time. This is a very soft shade with peach and pink hues blended so well in it that it will compliment your fair skin and is very good cheek friend in day-time office going or just casual wearing:)

This will  last me 24months:)

making details:)

Mirror show me all three colours:)


The packaging is what proves the quality of the product, cheap packaging can even destroy the image of a very good quality product. I am very glad that Sleek makeup did'nt compromise on there products packaging. I was not dis-appointed at all but I loved this strong casing and it made me believe that nothing will happen to my lovely blush by 3 ever (IA). It is click-open casing, no pushing and no pressing. It have three Blushes in equally divided area. It has a full length looking mirror attached inside the lid which is helpful for the application and also touch-ups:)

From Up to Down the swatches are original swatch to blended shade.
L 2 R: Crochet, Guipure, Chantilly in natural light

L 2 R: Crochet, Guipuer and Chantilly in Flash-light
Blush by 3 is a trio shade blush palette that takes you effortlessly from day to night!  Each palette has 3 ultra pigmented shades to choose from in matte and shimmer shades. Use the matte shades for a subtle day time flush, and add the shimmery shade over the top for a touch of night time glamour! With 5 different shaded palettes to choose from , your only dilemma is which one to pick! Choose from Pink Sprint, Pumpkin, Lace, Flame, or Sugar.

Usually it happens that when you crave so badly for something so badly, it disappoints you even more badly when you finally get it...THANK GOD this didn't happen in my craving for Blush by 3 in LACE. The shades are perfect according to my choice and my complexion which is fair. Good for daily use as well as formal and party time.


  • The Shades are really good needs no experimentation
  • One swipe is more than enough or maximum 2-3 as per your own complexion and requirement
  • The colors are all well pigmented don't give hard time to build up on your cheeks
  • Blushes are fixed/pressed well in their containers, I am saying this as during application no fall outs and no powder goes here-there-every where 
  • They are NOT creamy blushes
  • Good Summer shades
  • Good for daily use for working lady
  • Good for party animals
  • Good for night time functions, esp, Guipure with its shimmer
  • You get three usable shades in one palette
  • Palette itself is Handy (you can see in a snap its of my palm size)
  • Casing is strong, packaging is nice best return of your spent money
  • Including mirror, that too of full size
  • It is SLEEK MAKEUP, what else reason you want to buy this one
  • GO GRAB IT:)


  • It's pricey, yup I wont say it is easily affordable, thank goodness I don't have to pay the delivery charges to it as Beauty Unleashed had an offer so I had to pay PKR 1950 only (15.99$).
  • You don't like blush-on palettes, you are more into single shades, but trust me it is easy to carry with you on the go it is "SLEEK"
  • You don't want palette having shades of same blush colour range
  • You are not into peaches and pinks, well that's understandable:)
  • You find it unsuitable for your skin tone
  • You don't trust me...lolz...just kidding

You can find Sleek Makeup FACEBOOK, and to shop online from there official site visit HERE!!!
Unfortunately Sleek Makeup is not available with any Cosmetics Store in Pakistan yet,I ordered it through BEAUTY UNLEASHED for PKR 1950 only, to shop online also visit

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Do share your comments and experiences with me I would love to hear from you:) as I invested in this high end brand just to get closer to you people as to guide you and win your love and trust:)

Take good care of yourselves and keep your cheeks blushed:)
Do remember me in your prayers.
Until next time.


NOTE: This product is not a PR sample:)

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  1. Nice review and this palette looks great. :)

  2. This is a beautiful palette. Great swatches! :)

  3. hey very nice post :) Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Lace and Sugar have been my two favourite Blush by 3 Palette! Thanks for the swatches. ^^

  5. That's a lovely review honey. These new sleek palettes are gorgeous.
    OFF TOPIC: I just read your comments on facebook at sara hassan's page. I think ur from Islamabad and are interested in buying benefit products.Plz do not buy em from DWATSON super market and a new shope called 4square also in supermarket f6 above united bakery. All the benefit thet are selling is fake and I told them so. They said these are not fake but thai made. Remember benefit DOES NoT have an international franchise and are almost always manufactured in SanFrancisco. If you want genuine benefit I would suggest ordering from we makeup blog on facebook. I have ordered watts up, hi beam and hoola and girl meets pearl all by benefit from we makeup blog and am satisfied with all the products. These are not fake. The best part is,we makeup blog is based in Islamabad too.hope this helps.
    Sorry about a comment so irrelevant to the post, but I couldnt find ur email on this blog.

    1. Thanx for visiting and liking:) dear ill chek with ur suggestions and I posted ur comment so if any one else is interested she can get BENEFIT out of it:) in Comment Note my email id is clearly given...

      DISCLAIMER: the thoughts about an online store referred in this comments are not mine Im not endorsing anyone. So its up to u to chek it:)

  6. thats an amazing palette to have! im lovin' crochet<3

  7. Nice review :) Its in my wishlist :-D , thanks for sharinggg x

  8. Beautiful blush palette swatches are great


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