Eyebrow grooming: Leave the kit and grab Rimmel Eyebrow pencil:)

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Hey makeup Lovers!!!
How many of you still carry an Eyebrow kit in your purse? Not me, anymore!!! As my solution is perfect in its work and is easily carried in a small pouch:) To know more READ MORE and have a look yourself:)

Rimmel London's Professional eyebrow pencil

004 Black Brown
The shade is according to my eyebrow hair shade which is dark brown, with small missings here and there so the shade # 004 Black Brown suites me they have other shades to match your eyebrow shade as well you can choose from, Hazel, for softer eyebrow shades and Black for darker eyebrow shades:)

Grooming brush on the cap


Professional Eyebrow Pencil is used to enhance and refine the shape of the eyebrows. It can be used to fill gaps or lengthen the arc of the eyebrow to create the desired look.


I am a very lazy person, rather busy person due to my home chores and baby, so no time for tiny-winy detailing here and there, I need quick solutions to fix all my makeup and skin care problems. Let me first confess that I was really unaware of the trick to shape one's eyebrows to get the perfect arch and to fill in any gaps, it dawned to me when my wedding makeup was going on and the makeup artist at NewLook filled in my lil' gaps in the eyebrows with a perfect Arch. Before that I only hinted the scar in my eyebrows with my black kajal/kohl pencil so it won't be visible. First I bought a kit for which you can check the review HERE!!!. But whenever I opened the kit  my baby got fascinated by it and wanted to grab it. When I saw this pencil I immediately decided to buy it as it won't only will hide all the missings in my brows but will also comb them in a perfect shape complimenting the Arch. Yes! it did all. I felt contended when I used it first:) It filled all the gaps defined and shaded my brows with an arch without showing off and the bristles attached with the cap fixed stray hair with the color on their place.
I chose Black Brown shade as it suites my eyebrow hair color. There is no red undertone of this colour, like many other brown pencils. It is Softer than hard and harder than soft...the texture is smooth but no smudge and is surviving this heat without smudging or being nasty during application. Otherwise many other pencils of mine are just gone mad and smudge badly as they are melted in this heat and I dont have time to put them in fridge and take them out:/
This Product is used in a FOTD here.
I bought it from Al-Fatah Lahore for PKR 350 only with my April haul read the details HERE!!!. I am thankful to Noreen the slaes girl at the Rimmel counter to guide me so well and helping me select the items:)
Now the swatches


  • Always look into the big mirror, in which you can see your full face, and draw the basic line, defining arch and shape. So both eyebrows can have same shape and arch, If you will do it in a small looking mirror individually then I bet both the eyebrows will be different
  • Fill in the gaps in strokes all along the shape with soft hand applictaion, don't color them as in filling in.
  • When done brush the eyebrows along the shape this will help stray hair settle with the color and you won't have to use Gel Mascara etc.
Have a look at my brows BEFORE AND AFTER

BEFORE: see the cut

BEFORE: see the missings in the line down

Perfect Flawless Look
See how it created a difference. I am wearing my Karaja kohl pencil you can read the review HERE!!!


  • It is all in one, you won't need powder, wax and gel mascara to groom the eyebrows
  • The brush along the cap is really a small wonder
  • The color pigmentation is good and don't give you any red tones there
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to keep, it's handy
  • Texture is soft smooth and no smudging at all
  • You like kits
  • You don't like using pencils for eyebrows
  • You prefer using gel mascara instead of using this simple brush along the cap

You can find Rimmel London on FacebookTwitter and for online details vist there website Here!!!
Although Rimmel is available on all big Cosmetics Stores like Al-fatah, Hyperstar(LAHORE), D. Watson, Shaheen Store (ISLAMABAD) and all big cities but if you wanna order online then visit Just4girls.pk.

Hope You will like it do share you comments with me and share your experiences regarding shaping and grooming your eyebrows.
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Take good care of your selves and your eyebrows which frame your beautiful face:)
Remember me in your prayers.
Untill next time


Note: This product is not a PR sample.

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