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Friday, June 01, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 6 Comments

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Today I am doing a long awaited blog:)
So here is my Introduction:) Hope you all will like knowing me:)

0. Your picture (optional)

Sorry can not share my image with you all:(

1. Your Full Name? 

Ans: Huda AKA Sparkling Sparkle

2. Your Date of Birth?

Ans: 2nd August that's make me a LEO

3. Your Blog's name?

Ans: Sparkling

4. Your profession?

Ans: I am House-wife and believe you me that's a full time profession:) 

5. Where are you from? City/Country.

Ans: Lahore, The City of enchantment and festivity:) Lahore Lahore aye!!!

6. Who is your favorite Pakistani and a non-Pakistani beauty blogger - who inspires you the most?

Ans: Well all Pakistani Beauty bloggers are my favourites to name a few, Sara Hassan, Rukaiyya Khan and Sana Malik:) And from India I like Mermaid Bhidisha.

7. What made you to start blogging?

Ans: First I had a personal blog on which I used to share my experiences and my thoughts. Beauty blogging started as my passion for makeup filled my heart:) It was back in November, 11, that I read my first beauty blog by Glamarama about my favorite brand Luscious product, it gave me a sense that I can also share my views, thoughts and experiences about makeup with my fellows.Then I read many beauty blogs by Sara Hassan,  Rukaiyya Khan and many more and got more inspired and interested,but the credit goes to Glamarama and Luscious Cosmetics:) 

8. Since when are you blogging? 

Ans: November, 2011

9. Your favorite past time?

Ans: Blogging, reading blogs by my fellow beauty bloggers and spending time with my Baby:)

10. Your 5 favorite beauty products and brands?

  1. Lipsticks by Luscious and Golden Rose
  2. Blush-on by Luscious and Sleek Makeup
  3. Nail colors by Sweet Touch
  4. Foundation by Rimmel
  5. Whitening base by Luscious
  1. Luscious (for Blush-on, lipstick and eyeshadow)
  2. Rimmel (Foundation and Mascaras)
  3. Sleek Makeup (waiting for my order)
  4. Golden Rose (for lipsticks)
  5. Sweet Touch (Nail colors)

11. A beauty tip that you would like to give others?

Ans: Stay natural and Orignal, Stay what you are don't cheat others by trying to be the one you are not, and by  doing this cheating Your own self.

12. What is the BEST thing about blogging?

Ans: This is a beautiful world in its own. Here you can express and get response at once, people are fair helping and loving. Here you have the right to express yourself, which is now very difficult in the real world.

13. What's your Fashion style that describes YOU? 

Ans: Simple yet elegant. I really want to acquire Grace as my personality trait.

14. How would you describe your makeup style?

Ans: Casual yet elegant.

15. Any advice for fellow bloggers and the new girls?

Ans: Dear fellow beauty bloggers be true and honest to yourself and you followers and please remove robot check from your comment box that really irks anyone to comment, you can held the comment for approval that's your right but robot check is some what not decent for the person who takes out time to read your blog and wants to share his/her thoughts with you:) Stay beautiful and original with confidence:)

Do comment....
Until next time take very good care of your self and stay beautiful as you all are:)


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  1. It was lovely to know more about you and thank a bunch for mentioning my name. It felt really great. =) And I totally agree about that robot check.

    1. :) dear you all are my inspiration and Im learning from u all to excel in excellence:)

  2. feels great to know you more dear ... m frm Lhr Pakistan as well .. and thanks dear for mentioning my name <3 :)

  3. thanx sweety u hav been so king in guiding me about mascar bought rimmel's max volume will review soon:) n best of luck with ur life:)

  4. Am a blogger from India.. I like ur blog and happy to know about u.. Thanks for sharing and request you to keep writing. Visit my blog here

  5. Good piece of information provided.Quiet a new topic of discussion.Also, I’m happy to locate numerous useful information here within the post.Thanks putting up !!!


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