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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Hope you all be fine and beautiful as ever. Without going into nitty gitties let me share my JUNE HAUL with you which is all the way from UK ordered and delivered through Beauty Unleashed, which is an online beauty store in Karachi Pakistan, yes I am talking about my HAUL of Sleek Makeup. Yes finally I got what I was craving for so badly... to know more read more:
2nd June 2012 My parcel arrived (which was ordered on 25th of May 12) and I was literally about to cry on seeing the box's condition, I crossed my fingers that my things be safe...:/

The box seems as it came by foot!!!

Well when I opened the bumped box I found another box of Sleek Makeup which was in good condition...AAH!!! a sigh of relief. It was properly taped and packed, now I was a bit assured for the survival of my Ordered cosmetics:) It is not that I don't trust Beauty unleashed but some experiences of fellow bloggers, receiving broken items, made me conscious. Factually my things travelled all the way from UK to Karachi and then to Islamabad...way long na!!!

The print on the box is not what I ordered so don't read that it is another box used by Fatima Ahmad at Beauty unleashed to pack my things properly. Now is time to open the package....

Opened finally
The gap in the box was filled with a pink paper. Thank God every thing was safe and sound.
A silver Crown ring gift for the Blogger:)
The first thing I found was A Silver Crown Ring, which is a gift for the blogger:) I love it as I love wearing rings and it is unique...THANX FATIMA

Blush by 3

The second thing is this Blush palette blush by 3 which made my stomach crank and temted me to get it asap. Nowas I got it I am really HAPPY:):):):):) (I will reveal the shade in a detailed review so you all have to wait:))

The third and final thing is Sleek Makeup's Divine palette in Oh So Special, since the day I read its review and esp the review by Sara Hassan I was destined to buy it I craved and requested people to get me this asap and I am glad that Fatima @Beauty Unleashed gave me a quick and positive response and understood my craving:) (for the review swatches and EOTD you will have to wait for the post I'll do soon:))

The Crown Ring
I liked the ring for many reasons:

  • It is a gift:) and who do not like a gift
  • I like rings the most in jewelery items
  • It is adjustable with a cut at back side
  • I like Its design it made me feel ROYAL
  • and many more.....

So this is all I got for PKR 3300 (1350 for Oh So Special+ 1950 for Blush by 3) from Beauty Unleashed. I am glad I chose them to fulfill my craving for Sleek makeup's cosmetics:)

AS IT IA ASKED so let me tell you that on my nails I am wearing Red Lips by Sweet Touch.

Hope You liked my haul and will wait for the detailed reviews and swatches and above all want to know which Palette I got from Blush by 3 range any guesses? It's Pumpkin or Sugar or Flame or Lace??? Do comment.
To read my review on Blush by 3 in Lace Click here!!!
To read my review on Oh So Special Click Here!!!

Until next time take very good care of your selves and Stay beautiful as you all are with confidence. Do share,tweet and like this post. I am on twitter now so find the tab in sidebar and follow me there:)


Note: The products are my own purchase and not a PR sample except the silver crown ring is sent me as a gift from the owner of Beauty Unleashed an online store.

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  1. I love the Oh So Special palette! its perfect, and I'm totally drooling over the new blush palettes, SO lucky!!

    1. Thanx dear but any guesses which palette is it in blush by 3?

  2. I love to shop at beauty unleashed they are simply amazing...

    hey waiting for review on blush...

    1. Ya I alos found there service good:) reviews will be up sonn any guess which shade is it?

  3. Great haul. Waiting for the reviews:) Love the ring. What nail polish are you wearing? Looks fab.

    1. Thanx alot dear I am wearing RED LIPS from sweet Touch:)

  4. Wow. that's an amazing haul :) xx can't guess the blush palette hehehe. Oh So Special is a great palette. <3

    1. Yah Oh So Special is really special...when I opened it I patted my shoulders for choosing the right thing,:) and ur review helped allot in increasing my craving for it. The blush palette is yet to be revvealed ill review it soon:) <3

  5. Amazing haul. :) Sleek aah! I wish it was easily available her in India. Btw you have a nice blog. Following you. :)

    1. thanx..btw sleek is available with few online store in Pakistan...thats makeit available here...n m glad it does:)

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    it at first sight and much more : you wrote here some of the ideal
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  7. Ohhh a nice haul... Girl! Blush is my fav. Waiting for reviews Dear

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Great Haul, love the ring! :)

  10. Huda, you have a nice blog here. The review is great :)

    The box seems to be in a pretty bad state though :O

    and thank you very much for sharing about us :D and glad that you liked the ring :)


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