My Oriflame Haul:) &~PRODUCT's REVIEW & my new watermark:)

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Hey MakeUp lovers!!!
Doing shopping related self care is always the best thing to do and for girls like us its a must as we are self-proclaimed makeup  lovers and shopaholics:)
This time again when I saw the Sale flyer of Oriflame my eyes searched and found the products I was in need of, badly, due to changing weather and my last stock was near to END.
So Have a Look at what I ordered and what I got:)

The Mystery Bag

Mystery Revealed

Let me show you all the products in detail and also share my experiences:)

1: Oriflame Hydra Optimum Headband:

material used: Polyester
Price: PKR 199    Actual Price: PKR 279
Hydra Optimal Headband
My Experience:

First I won't feel shy to tell you the truth that being lazy in skin care/cleansing process I never had a proper Headband(used my elastic headband to save my hair). So when I saw this on sale I was sure that I am going to buy it:) It's helpful and useful, as now I try to take care of my skin on weekly bases and this product is a great help:) but one thing disappointed me the stuff used is very light, I dont know why I was expecting something made up of Thick Towel.

2: Discover Santorirni Blue Paradise Shower Gel: 250ml

"A sensational journey Discover Santorini, Gaze at the horizon where the Azure sky meets the shimmering Aegean Sea, breathe in the sea air as you recline in a secret sandy bay... Bask in the sunlight with the floral, citrus scent of Discover Santorini."
Get inspired by the sparkling sunny scent of the Discover Santorini Shower Gel. Simply lather and rinse.
Price: PKR 279      Actual Price: PKR 379

 My Experience:

Earlier I was using Radox's Moisture soak and that was something really out of this world after, and even during, shower time I felt relaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxed and skin was so smooth and smelled so good that made me fall in love with my skin. But every good thing comes to an end so did my Radox shower gel. This time I decided to try Santorini Shower gel, being on sale was not the only reason:) Well I must say it's not that bad if not that good as Radox Shower gel, I enjoy my bath with it and till date no irritation on my skin. It has a fragrance of it's own but that don't stay that long to irritate you for smelling sweet sweet all day, as this thing bothers me alot. I remeber using Freeman's Guava salted body scrub, and many hours after the bath I used to ask my Hubby from where this tingy smell of guavas is coming....lolz

3: Aloe vera and maracuja Soothing Shampoo: 200 ml

Shampoo with soothin Aloe vera and maracuja, to cleanse hair and soothe the scalp. Apply to wet hair, massage into a rich lather and rinse.
Price: PKR 245        Actual price: PKR 379

My Experience:

All the products were sealed, with a tape only:D whatever, I was using Silvikrin Olive shampoo but I noticed hair fall, which happens if I use a shampoo for tooooooooooo long, and also itshiness in the scalp and hair behaving wierd as my hair can be anything but NOT OILY, and even after every wash it seemd that I have applied oil instead of shampoo. Thank goodness this Soothing Shampoo was on sale and it is giving me a good time and managing my hair and scalp very well literally bye bye to oily hair and itching scalp. But a thing which I don't agree is; RICH LATHER, for rich lather you will have to take enough quantity, so decide you want LATHER or want to cleanse your hair and make the shampoo last for a month or more? Surely if you have time enough who hates that bath in which you get lather from top to toe and sing under shower, well not me as the little handsknocking on the bathroom door warns me to get out as early as possible, so lather or NO lather doesn't matter these days:) This is the beauty of motherhood. (as now I am typing this blog with right hand and my left hand is rocking my baby's cradle):))))))

4: Tear-Free Hair and Body Wash(for kids): 200 ml

"Extra mild, tear-free, dermatologically tested and pH balanced. Cleanses both hair and body.
Price: PKR 249     Actual Price: PKR 349

My Experience:

Rather my daughter's experience, she is more than happy loves her bath and I am glad to know that there is some other brand than Johnson's and Johnson's which are making tear-free shampoo. Well when she is loving her bath time and wanna play in her bath tub I don't think I have to say anything else, I am feeling like a happy mom:) The best part is I don't have to entangle my self into two bottles one for tear free shampoo and other body wash, now you will say that what about Johnson's Top to toe wash ,,,, so dear it is not tear free at all, now I have only one bottle in my hand and the ritual of bathing for  my princess is DONE!!!!

5: Grape anti-oxidant Face Wash: 150ml

" Foaming Cleanser with organic grape seed extract. Gently washes impurities and help protect from free-radicals. Massage on wet face and rinse off. Avoid contact with eyes. For normal to combination skin."
Price: PKR 498             ACtual Price: PKR 590

 My Experience:

This winter I used Johnson's face wash for sensitive skin and that made my face bear the harsh winter this season, but then again came the CHANGING WEATHER TIME Dan Dan DANANNN!!! I hate the most as my skin starts acting weird. I saw this on SALE but was not sure to buy it or not then thanx to our very own SARA HASSAN, her review about this product made my choice clear as her sister has oily skin like mine and she had a great experience with this face wash. The first wash made me OK with this face wash as my T-zone is oily like IRAQ and my cheeks are dry patched like AFGHANISTAN, lolz hope US forces don't read this blog or my face will be turned in to TORA BORA...lolz... Well let's come back to my face, this face wash does not create a foam/lather like a detergant, so if you want that then take more few drops. The consistency is not  thick but liquidy thanks to the small nozzle which help to pour the desired quantity with ease ,  the fragrance is good like grapes. After wash I felt my skin fresh but my dry patched cheeks felt a little stretch which went asap I stepped out in the heat. No break-outs till date (Shukar ALLAH). Loving washing my face with this face wash:)

To shop Oriflame or any consultancy VISIT HERE!!!

Over all this haul has been loved by me and my experience with all the products going well:)
How do you like my haul from ORIFLAME and most important How You all like my new WATER MARK? I created it myself, first time effort:)
Do give your feedback.
Untill next time take good care of yourselves and stay beautiful with confidence in yourself.
Remember me in your prayers.


Note: All the products are my own purchase and not PR sample.I am independant consultant registered with Oriflame but that did not effect my review about the products as I am 100% loyal to my readers.

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  1. I have used Grape anti-oxidant Face Wash. It is really amazing. I will wait for reviews

  2. Nice haul! Liked seeing that mystry bag, am not sure if we get these offers in India! Following your blog via GFC Name Tapaswini! Do check my blog too!

    1. Im definitely following u dear and thanx for stopping by:)

  3. hi...nice haul


    1. I am following u and thanx for stopping by my blog and do follow:)

  4. Good to know that they make a tear free shampoo :) Nice haul.
    Watermark is good as well.

  5. lovely haul and very detailed review
    Thank you so much for sharing with us

  6. Its been a month im using same face wash nd i just lovd it realy nice. Infact wat i lovd most abt it is its cleansing quality literaly takes away impurities nd even lil traces of makeup. Nd baby shampoo is awesome too. Novadays my kids r using oriflame's hipo soap thts too realy nice.

  7. that's a great haul. Thank you for the mention :) xx Awwww

  8. Wow lovely stuff, :)

    nice watermark

  9. greattt haul . . i too did a big oriflame haul this month :) :) . . i am looking forward to getting antioxidant facewash this month !!!

    1. hey thanx n the products are really amazing I must say:)

  10. I like the Discover shower gels, Discover China is my fav I think. Shame on me I haven't tried Discover Santorini (I'm from Greece and Santorini is a beautiful greek island) but I like more floral and sweet scents for shower gels :)

  11. I love Oriflame products. Actually I just ordered face wash, day cream, night cream (acai & pomegrenate), mascara (very me), and eyeshadow brush. Do you personally think these are enough to create haul blog post like this? Or should I add in the title and change them into somthing like "Little Oriflame Haul"? I will love to know your suggestion. And thanks...

    <3 from Indonesia
    --- ---

  12. It is a nice haul. Oriflame offers good cosmetic products. I have good experience with Oriflame products and I like Aloe vera and maracuja Soothing Shampoo so I am gonna buy it soon.


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