I AM BUSY but I AM very much HERE!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 4 Comments

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
I am not posting since many weeks, you noticed it or not but I missed posting. So wanna know even with pictures uploaded and many done with water marking etc. I am still not posting? Read More then;>>>

Well, I have been busy, so busy, very busy, that I dont have time to sit and think why am I so busy, lolz. I had to do a home shifting and when you are a forces family you have to shift homes every now and then. Well that was the main cause and with this cause another major cause caused, lolz. Guests another inevitable factor in my family life, they all rushed in the midst of shifting to see my new home. So I was cooking and serving and managing hiding my unpacked items, arranging settings of my home sweet home, and pushing all the junk and packed items in the store, thank God in this home I have two stores:) So seriously No time to love even live, as my life is this Blog which is my outlet to my inner creative world away from my real life's hectic routine and daily home chores. And the best part I forgot, my baby for whom I was worried that she must not be neglected in this whole chaos:) for that my husband took a strict care so whenever he saw me crawling near laptop he gave me a noticeable look, in which I could only manage checking my emails and facebook activities, lolz. One other strong stopper was my eye-spaecialist who warned me after an allergy in my eyes to stay away from laptop and use eye drops daily...who cares!!!
Now let me share with you my blogposts in the pipe-line:)
I will be sharing my makeup experiences and my wish list. I will be reviewing L'oreal hydra fresh foaming gel, Oh So Special,(the pictures are ready and uploaded but I havent tried all the shades yet so cant review, its delayed due to my allergy in eyes, review of Rimmel white kohl, mascara in MAx flash, my haul from just 4 girls.pk and the promiced giveaway for 100 followers, may be ill do that after EID, etc. So wait for me as I have more posts to do than my work but work is more urgent and important, I cant ignore my home, hope you all lovely friends understand and will love me when I  will be back soon. will try to do quick and little posts:)


NOTE: This BUSY-ness is not a PR SAMPLE AT ALL...lolz

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  1. Oh Girl! take your time but We need to read your writing :) Rimmel White Kohl, Loreal Hydra Fresh foaming are my keen interest...... and shifting is a hectic job

    1. thanx dear:) I thought no one is interested in my being away and not posting:)

  2. Good luck with moving your house. Waiting for you to get back! xx

    1. Thanx dear but trust me moving homes so often is not gOOD at all pray that I stay in thhis one for a longer period IA:)


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