Another haul!!! Color Studio Ramazan deal:)

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Sunday 5th August when the commentator was shouting "Another GOAL" for Pakistan's Hockey Team in the Olympics stadium I was having my "Another HAUL" on that same day.... Best of Luck for Team Pakistan for Hockey:)
You wanna Know which Ramazan deal I got benefit from? READ MORE
There are many offer going-on on Cosmetics on some Brands and online store these days:) Luscious Cosmetics and Color Studio Pro are the two brands whose offer is most sorted one, the Just4girls, Mascara Mafia and Beauty unleashed are ONE of the many Online stores offering best deals on different cosmetics these days, to tempt us more in this holy month but in a way quenching our thirst for the MAKEUP we all are crazy for:)
I went to D.Watson Blue Area, as it was praised by one of my fellow blogger, as D.Watson was a big NO since my last experience at D.Watson F-10 read HERE. I found this store bigger although the shop looks small from outside but there cosmetics section is in the basement which is quite bigger and all the brands display counters are properly set with eager staff to help and guide. Finally satisfied on another store in Islamabad, Pakistan:)  after HAYEE's F-7.
Well particularly I was looking for Luscious deal and also Color Studios pro deal, Luscious Cosmetics deal of getting two single eyeshades free on shopping of 1000 PKR was not yet active on the counters of any store, so checked Color Studio Pro deal, Have a look at the deal:) Rather tempting deal.

To tell you the truth this deal was a sigh of relief for me as I had few things from Color Studio Pro range, specially there Palm-full blushes, Lipsticks and nail colours, which are raved by every one nowadays. When I saw this deal I decided to check on the things if Ill like then I shall surely get some.  Don't be jealous my friends Trust me when I say that "These days I am only craving more and buying LESS"  and this less is also after craving allot, reading reviews asking friends and then finally tackling my budget and savings:)
Wanna see what I got? Have a look:) DA DA DAAaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

Haul from Color Studio Pro
Wow wow wow I got a hand full of there products One Lipstick, one Blush-on, One nail colour from there Haute range and a Lip Artist Lip Pencil and that too for free total saving of Rs. 250:) not much on the purchase of Pkr 1350 but in urdu we say "andha kya mangey do ankhaen?"(A blind man only needs two eyes). I wanted to try these products as they are praised allot by many bloggers and makeup lovers so why should I stay naive to this brand and wanted to review these on my blog for my lovely followers and friends:)
I know you all want to know what lipstick which blush-on? I won't keep it a secret till I review them all individually and that too very soon so here is the list:) with prices in PKR.

  1. Color Rush Lipstick in ACAPULCO(name is very unique I cant remember it) Pkr 450
  2. Color Studio Pro Blush-on in Pixie Pink( I must say size does matter with this its really BIG) Pkr 550
  3. Color Studio Pro Haute nail color in LATTE(yup I got it finally) Pkr 350
  4. Color Studio Pro Lip Artist Lip Pencil in Caramel (new shade in my stash) Free (Pkr 250)
Hope You all will like my new haul and will get yours too. Eid is coming and shopping is our born.right Ladies. Will review all these beauties soon for you all.

Did You Buy from this deal yet? If yes then what did you buy?

Remember me in your prayers 


Note: This post has no PR product.

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  1. Nail color and blush looks really nice. Would love to see the swatches. xx Nice post...

  2. i went the other day to get some color studio blushes but they didn't have this shade! only an orange one so i got that since its in trend these days but i love the color you bought! And the nail color as well :)

    1. u must have got audacious:) I wanted something in soft pink so this is my answer, I got an orange one in my sleek blush by 3:) thnx <3

  3. Wow nice picks! The blush, the lip liner and nail polish all look awesome! For the lipstick will wait for your detailed review! And I totally know what you mean about the saving I also got something from just4girls just because of the Ramadan deal they had although the saving was nothing grand. And shopping is definitely our birth right!! hehe

    You too remember us in your duas!! :)

  4. wowww love em ... waiting for swatches :)

    1. Soon dear waiting for ur posts but I know ur toooooo bzy with the li'l princess these days:)

  5. Hey I also heard so many deals of ramazan on different pages ... love see the discount offers.. in my opnion the most amazing offers are done my luscious, and just4girls... I am having eye on them... Thanks for sharing and happy for your haul...

  6. Waiting for the review of the nail colour and blush.

  7. Nice haul . Do share the color of lipstick <3

    1. thnx sure soon will share in detail, now just using them to get a better idea to share with u all:)

  8. Great haul. This nail polish, Latte, I have to get it soon. It is such a pretty colour. Waiting for your reviews now! :)

  9. nail color is 225 rupees here in Naheed supermarket Karachi, i got mine yesterday malibu in haute collection , u been looted :(

    1. I am not sure as its Pkr 350 every where and even the same price is mentioned on there own site and also at just4girls... may be naheed's have some offer or u must have bought them a little earlier as now they are popular and they are cashing on the fame:) never mind


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