Jewelry Haul!!! & Naughty hands in the shoot;)

Thursday, August 09, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 10 Comments

Hey Makeup and Jewellery Lovers!!!
Today I am going to share with you my little UN-EXPECTED jewellery haul after such a long time. I am not buying jewellery since long but as I am coming back to normal life after child birth and a ll, my passions are reviving again. Specially I can not resist seeing such beauties which I bought. Wanna know what and where? Read More:)

I went to Monal, at Peer Sohawa, Islamabad, that's a famous restaurant at the TOP of Islamabad city, in the Margalla mountain range. Really beautiful place with expensive but good-tasting food, but the view you get of the city, esp at night time when the city lights seems that all the stars are lying down in the streets of the Capital city, IT's PRICELESS.(will surely share a picture with you). There are few shops of handicraft there, selling handicrafts to the foreigners and not-so foreigners:)
Have a look at what I got:)

Let me confess one thing I HAVE HAD NO JEWELLERY PURCHASES SINCE A LONG TIME, and had no plan to shop any but couldn't resist and thanks Almighty my hubby was in a shopping mood too. I bought blue stone ring and bracelet(elastic one) and a coloured shining stone necklace. Coudn't resist the necklace, after such a long time I really craved for a jewellery item and thank goodness I bought it, the sales man asked for Pkr 350 and after bargain I got it for Pkr 250:) Pkr 50 for the bracelet and ring only for Pkr 30.... nice tempting and inexpensive.
Now the fun part I just want you all to know that product photography is not easy for me as my products are being picked up by the little hands during the shoot, have a look yourself:)

My li'l princess on hunt!!!
So I have to run for the life of the jewellery....lolz

What jewellery items you bought for Eid? Do share and comment

Remember in your prayers:)

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  1. Aww so cute! Yea i agree, monal can be quite expensive but it is soo worth it!

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  3. OMg so colorful. looking like rainbow... best for eid... I didnot buy jewellery yet let c what I get

    1. I had no plan to buy jewellery but coudnt resist its so amazing and eye & heart catching MA

  4. Very colorful jewellery... And I too have a pair of li'l inquistive "helping" hands, taking snaps and sitting in front of your desktop can be quite some tasks,lol....

    1. agreed!!! but they are our lives....May they all be blessed..ameen


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