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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
July went without shopping much, just few products I ordered in late June arrived but by the end of July I couldn't resist my self and got the products I needed the most. Wanna know from where I got what and how I surpassed NO shopping resistance ??? READ MORE

During my Eid shopping stroll in Islamabad F-7 market known as Jinnah Super I managed, rather forced my way to Hayee's. There are two shops of Hayee's at Jinnah Super one is old one and another is there new set-up which is Bigger with allot of space and allot of brands and products. I went to the older one (and that proved beneficial, you ll know:) First have a look at my haul:)

Okey so I got a nail colour as my stash is was going ZERo on that its Sweet touch's Classic move:) and L'oreal Hydra fresh aqua gel as my combination skin was going crazy these days, so I finally decided to use this hydrating gel to balance my skin, as oily T-zone and dry cheeks:( and the third one is 12 Brush set Roll, I won't call it fake or replica of Bobbi brown its just a brush set I needed the most in thsi hour and on knowing its price and getting satisfied on there quality which fulfilled my makeup requirement I got them. Detailed review of all these three products will be done soon after Eid when ill try to review the rest of my promised posts:)
To tell you one amazing thing I got these three products in my two visits... cant believe? You have to I am like that I go to a shop look at things, sometimes I vist the second time to confirm my liking and if still I crave, and in mostly cases I do, I go third time to buy it. some times I buy in my first visit but as things may get unimpressive due to haste I try most of the time to buy in my second visit. Will some day do a post about this strange habbit of mine;). In this case I bought the nail colour in the first visit and saw the brushes, in there old shop Hayee's didn't have Hydra fresh aqua gel of L'oreal, and by the time we got free from shopping the new store was closed, so I came home craving for the brush set and the aqua gel. Fortunately we had to make few changes in our prior shopping which was the clothes of my baby girl, we went to the market again and there I got the Aqua gel from new Hayee's store and the brush set from the old one(as they were offering it on lower price than the new store as they are clearing there stock.... so now this is an open secret go get your lo-vies as well from them)
Hope you will like my quick post and will wait for the detailed review. Do like share and tweet about this mini haul of mine. Don't forget to comment as I am taking special time out hiding in my room to post this blogpost for you all beauties:)

Have you been to shopping or are you still craving?

Remember me in your prayers

Note: This post has no PR Sample in it

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  1. Love hauls:)))... waiting for hydra gel review. Yup, you are right, sometimes when we buy things on a whim, we do wonder later why we bought it in the first place. So, ur habit is good actually:)

  2. beautiful bckgrund & cover pic <3

    will w8 fo ur reviews :)

  3. Nice haul! You are soo right I love going to the new one because it is soo big and has soo soo many products but that is not good for my wallet! Haha, so I try to go to the smaller one although I feel like its a bit congested and you cant really browse properly :)

    1. yup u r rite but we love to shop where we find satisfaction either it be a smallest shop...but cosmetics should be the focus:) theye are finishing the older shop in three months..sad na?

  4. Great picks! Ive heard really good reviews on the Loreal product

  5. Waiting for the reviews of these products especially the brush roll.


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