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Hey Lipstick Lovers!!!
By now most of you have started craving for more lipsticks or just to update your stash with LIPSTICKS or some must be burning deep down in there hearts by knowing that their wishlist is increasing high. Do not stop CRAVING as more is to come yet in this My Lipstick Collection Blog series. What is IN for the day? To know more READ MORE.

Well I need to have ONE Brown shade, a matte one preferably, in my collection all the time. So when I last updated my stash I got this one. I bought it from Al-Fatah, liberty, Lahore, Price must be between 300-400 PKR, I do not remember exactly:(
From the sales girls on Sweet Touch counter I demanded a unique brown shade, not so brown, not mocha, not choclate but different yet brown. I am sure she must have some doubts about me...lolz. So she gave me few shades to test the rest were the usual, as ever, Only this one in #904 was different so I bought it immediately.
Let's Have a look on the lipstick and the swatches first:)

Sweet Touch Lipstick #904

The Bullet is the prove how much I love this shade:)

The Swatches on my hand
By having the look of the almost finishing bullet you must have realised how much I loved this shade. Trust me I religiously applied this lipshade on daily basis, even if I am going to market since last winter season, 2011. So this is definitely my kind of brown, a different brown with orange-ish undertone. The lipstick is matte. But you can add  a dot of gloss on it to make it shine. Can be a best base for your brwonish lipglosses as I used it with my Luscious Plumping Gloss in Cherry biscuitti.
The application is smooth and easy. The texture is really creamy. I must say this is a well pigmented shade. Can be easily removed. Staying power is good like any other matte lipstick. Well on me it stays till the end, but fades a little, like 5-6 hours (if I am not chatting...lolz)
The packaging is nice shape is different and colour of packaging is quite different, so help me find it, as I only have this from this range. The colour of the casing resembles my Sweet Touch Nail Polish in Classic Move.:)
Like Golden Rose Sweet Touch has a good range of Lipstick shades. There glosses are good too.


I am giving this lipstick 4.5/5.

So Do you also love Matte lipsticks? Which ones are your favourites.
Feel free to comment. Do share, like, tweet and G+ this post to show your love for the lipsticks and this blog series.

Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. o... it is so amazing yaar...and inexpensive too... have you seen diamond's lipsticks. i heard those are also good

  2. Sweet touch lipsticks are incredible, I have a few fav's from the range too :) <3

  3. This one sounds great for the price! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. ong how is it that ive never tried sweet touch polishes! i lovee their nailpolishes!! ill definetly try out a few soon: :)

    1. U mean ST lipsticks? Do try them they have a good range of mattes plus shimmer too...


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