Classics Super Shine Diamonds Lipstick in #53: Blog series ~Review and Swatches

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Hey Lipstick Lovers!!!
It is really a difficult task to choose a shade from my Lipstick collection for this Blog Series revealing My Lipstick Collection. But My "LIPPIE BUDDY" Mahrukh Hayyat (a blogger friend) made my choice easier by commenting on my last post about DIAMOND lipsticks. So I thought why not share My only Priced and Precious Super Shine Diamond Lipstick By Classics in shade # 53. To know more read More:

This is the only Diamond shine lipstick in my collection and I simply love it all in all, but before I share my experience with this Lipstick let's have a look at the beauty itself and the swatches too: HAVE A LOOK!!!

Classics Super Shine Diamonds #53

See how it is going to end, it is the fourth Lipstick going to end in my collection
 Now Swatches:

Swatches on the back of my hand

Super Shine Diamonds on my lips. Classics #53
I bought this shade in 2009 for the first time when I was shopping cosmetics for my wedding, therefor I chose this diamond shiny lipstick, but nevertheless I knew that I will fall  in LOVE with this shade and lipstick and will buy it every time it finishes, So this is the picture of the fourth Lipstick in a row in my collection since 2009, and this one too is about to hit the bottom. I remember in 2008-09 there was a craze going on for Diamond lipsticks and diamond lip glosses, any one remember Maybelline Diamond lip glosses? Well those were far too expensive and me myself not being a gloss lover found the swatch of this lipstick very satisfactory, and also fulfilling my demand of a shimmery shiny PINK, as in matte I had my Golden Rose 103, read the review HERE. I bought it for around 450-500 Pkr but the results are definitely far more better than the price, TRUST ME. Now about the shade it self: It is a good shimmery pink, mauve-ish undertones, with very fine shimmery specs, they are so fine that you can see them shining but can not feel them on your lips, That's Great! Well the specs are really micro and if they transfer to your face esp the area around lips, after meals or a lot of chatting then they do not look ODD, it seems as if you have some shimmer ON. I personally do not have a problem with that , if you have then you can dab/pat the area with your face powder.
The Lipstick is smooth and shiny in texture. Good pigmentation, as the true desired colour is delivered on to the lips in one or maximum two applications, I only apply once. The texture is so shiny that you won't need a gloss, for people like me it's a great alter for a gloss with strong pigmentation, as I do not like glosses as they do not transfer colour but just a lot of glitter, most of them are like this (Sorry gloss lovers). The staying power is good on a chatter-box like me it stays more than 2 hrs, minimum.
Note: In the Lip swatch I used a soft mauve-ish shade lip liner only on the outlines,didn't blend it in the shade.
Used in a Makeup Look HERE!!!

I love this shade so much that I would have given it a total 5 but as the shimmer transfers on to the skin I am cutting half a mark, half heartedly.

I am sure You will have this shade added into your wishlist, esp my Lippie Buddy will do so.

Do you like Diamond shine lipsticks or you just prefer glosses?

Feel free to comment and don't forget to share, like, tweet and G+ this post to spread the love for lipsticks:)

Remember me in you prayers.


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  1. ohh it is really such an amazing color i am so loving this.... yaar... and it is look FAB on your lips..

  2. i love budget lipsticks because i always run out of mine and i dont want to spend huge amounts in repurchasing them again and again! great review :)

  3. I have this color <3 <3 itz really super Amazing :P

  4. this looks Gorgeous on your lips! <3
    i wonder where to get these in Karachi, i haven't seen them :(

    1. thnx:) well Classics is easily available in Lahore and also seen there counter in Islamabad so check out they must be in Karachi too:)

  5. I have the same color but in different brand . It looks great on you <3

  6. I love this sparkling shade of pink. :)

  7. wahooo i like your lip stick colour and it looks awesome on your lips and thanks for sharing your experience with us it will help us too in future.


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