Karaja Lipsticks in shade #10 and 67, disappointed ~ Review and Swatches

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Hey Lipstick Lovers!!!
We all love lipsticks, but not always you lipsticks, selection, brand and quality impress you. May be it's the mood, choice, taste, shades, suitability, comfortability and majorly the quality of the product that turns you down. Karaja Has a big name for sure and is one of the expensive brands in Pakistan. As I am sharing with you all My Lipstick Collection in this blog series let me tell you why Karaja Lipsticks failed to impress me. To know more read more!!!

As I am not Happy with these so will directly jump unto the pictures and will share my experience. So Have a Look!!!
Karaja lipsticks in #67 #10

Lto R: Shade #10 and #67

I bought these two back in somewhere around 2006 or 07. Those were the days when I started affording my wishes and needs from my own earnings, hard time though, and each penny was as precious as life, some of you may understand this situation. Buying makeup was considered a GREAT LUXURY for girls like me, who had no pocket money, parental support financially. Sorry! but I am only bragging about this all personal stuff just to make you all aware about the fact that buying makeup is not fun all the time and if the product, and that too expensive and heavy on your own pocket, disappoints you, IT HURTS, hurts alot. Till date I see these Lipsticks and burn with anger, curse my stupidity and choice, then put them in the last corner of my Makeup drawer. But we all learn from trial and error. This purchase cost me PKR 500(or plus) each, 1000 Pkr all wasted but I learned how to choose Lipsticks, how to select shades and one more thing how to be patient while buying cosmetics by over coming excitement, this is why I see products in first visit and usually buy them in my second or third visits on stores. Now the choice making has been made easier by all the beauty bloggers world wide by their helping reviews. At that time I was the one who was earning for my own luxuries, and now it is My Husband who earns money but we have to run our home with a kid in these days when every thing's price automatically rise every weekend, So still managing my Love for cosmetics but buying them wisely out of my savings etc. I am sure I am not the only one, but seriously I never can afford being a spend thrift, we all can't but if you can then you are really a lucky one out there, and I am happy for you.
I heard allot good about Karaja Lipsticks the brand was a new in the stores. I saw a pink shade on some one It was good I tested it, it was matte. So I decided that I will buy Karaja Lipsticks from my next pay. But being Naive rather stupid I selected shades which were not common, the swatches impressed me but when I applied them on my lips back home they made me cry. If only I would have been wise and selected some common shade like Red, Pink or brown I wont have been so depressed.
Now coming to these shades:
Shade # 10:
It's a cream collection by Karaja. It's pale mauve. Very creamy. But Not my TYPE AT ALL. I bought it as in those days mauve lipsticks were in fashion. But as I did not wear heavy eye makeup  like smokey eyes etc so it was not for me. With a simple liner on my eyes this shade made me look dead. aah! I remember the smokey eyes were not in fashion in those days. I never used it again. All money wasted. Now it is oily and broken, will throw it away soon.
Shade #67:
It is a matte pale Golden shade and looks like dusty gold as there are specks in it which can be felt on the lips. It's a pale shade that also made me look dead. I thought it to be a smooth golden shade which will compliment my simple look at work without making a statement. I only use this shade to tone down my Red or Bright lipsticks. I will keep it for the same reason. It is a matte shade but it has some drying thing in it whenever I apply it alone it tastes as if I have applied Corn Flour, or a chalk. Used in a Makeup Look here.

Few TIPs from a sincere Lipstick Lover:
I learned it after wasting my money and burning my heart, wanna share with you all in hope that it may guide you,(I am only pointing lipsticks here, rest of the tips will be shared soon):

  • If you are buying some Very expensive brands Lipsticks try to choose a common shade do no go for uniqueness, so if that doesn't suites you, you won't regret.
  • For unique shades, which are just In the trend/fashion choose in-expensive brand, so when the trend goes away you do not feel bad for your purchased Lipsticks, "that what to do".
  • Always try the Testers, not on lips(unhygienic), on the inner side of your wrist that is the place more near to your lip's skin. Take the wrist closer to your lips and see, if that suites you or not.
  •  Still can't choose take a walk around, or come back home, think about them, the swatches, see them how they look in your home's light, ask a friend or a sister, then make your choice. The key is to BE PATIENT.
  • Now these days it is much easier through Beauty Blogs etc, read the reviews, experience of others with the products you want, follow some good honest beauty blogs, ask the beauty bloggers, I know this community will always guide you through:)

Karaja May be a good brand but there Lipsticks disappointed me badly. I know I selected wrong shades but it cost me a major amount of my pay. Being so heart Broken I never bought Karaja Lipsticks again and will never ever buy them. That's my way of protest may be. Although I love there kajal pencil and keep on buying it again and again, but that serves me and my paid amount very well and honestly. But these, they made me cry and my heart bleed..HATE THEM LIKE ANYTHING.

Have you ever been disappointed by some cosmetics products? Did some of your purchased items made you cry?

Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. Aww too bad for the disappointment :(

    1. :( thnx... but this experience made me learn Patience while shopping cosmetics:) so it has bright side to it

  2. OPS!!! sorry it did not work for you... this post broke my heart but you saved my money as i was planning to spend my money of karaja products... Loving this post as it save my people to spend money on these

    1. dear you can check other shades, but do not go for uniqueness, they had a very good pink, but I didnt know the shade number other wise the experience wont have been so worse, but Lesson learned...lolz there black kajal is very good but I never tried any thing else esp lipsticks,,,lolz

  3. Too bad! Thanks for sharing some awesome tips. They're really very helpful :) xx

    1. Thanx Sara... I am glad that all my friends are giving a very positive response, thus i feel a relief in the pain my heart for this experience...thanx all

  4. Aww that's horrible news that these didn't live up to your expectations. It really is a bummer when cosmetics don't turn out good. :(

  5. Ur post was really heart touching. I totally understand when you buy a product and it fails to suit you once you try it at home. The worst part is you can not test out the lipstick samples at shops because they have no sanitization system there like abroad. Thank God I have not tried any karaja product so far and your post really helped me that i am right not to try it. Seriously the swatches of the lipsticks look awesome too bad they dint suit you :(

    1. Thanx allot dear... the shades look pretty in swatches but there texture is not at all good the golden one on applying taste like corn flour, its drying.....:(

  6. ohhh very bad thankx for sharing your experiance but these lipsticks look like fake i have karaja it works good i am asian and i saw down side of lipsticks here is differend those i have i buy it from saudia


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