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Hey Lipstick and Lip-gloss Lovers!!!
Sharing all My Lipstick Collection in this blog series will be incomplete without the mention of my really few rather only two lip-glosses, the third one will be shared soon. So for all the Gloss lovers out there have a treat for your lips and a smile too. Although I am not a Lip-Gloss person at all, but still for the love to you all... To KNOW more READ more!!!

Lip-Gloss? Nay!!! yes esp in Summers it's a not-to-be-used product for me. Because with gloss bleeding is a common feature esp in hot weather, it is more around my lips than on them. So I avoid it. Do not even wear them on my Lipsticks as it makes the life of lipsticks shorter on my lips in Summers, sometimes dab a hint of them to make my matte lipstick shiny for evening time or special occasions. Well to conclude I do not like them much but at the same time do not hate them either. So I kinda have a love hate relation with this cosmetic product. This is the reason that I have only 3 Lip glosses and one in my Lip boom by MUA. The lip glosses I am reviewing today are sheen and glittery, not the tinted ones as can be worn instead of lipstick in Winters esp to get the Glossy and Moisturized lips, will try some in this Winter season. Have a look!!!

Sweet Touch Lip-Gloss in pink:

This one is really a sweet soft and affordable Lip-gloss, I think it cost me Pkr 175, I forgot the shade number but its a pink one, although all seems same when applied to lips...lolz. It was good I used it on the top of my Matte Lipsticks to add some shine to them. or sometime worn it alone last winters. It has a common doe-foot wand, which usually glosses have. Now, like many of my un-wanted products, it is gone. A cousin of mine is a gloss sucker and she asked for it so I gave it to her, go suck it!!! lolz. I am glad Sweet touch introduced there range of Lip-glosses. I think they have more than 5 shades. Do give them  a try they are very economical yet good as a gloss.

Golden Rose: Ultra Diamonds Shine Lip-Gloss #103:
Golden Rose Lip gloss

GR: Ultra Diamond #103

It has a Brush wand..the reason I bought it for.

The Swatch

Swatch: Close and Flash-light
Well If you ask me for my favourite Lip-Gloss I'll say: Golden rose Ultra Diamonds Lip gloss in shade#103, is there something between me and #103...lolz(as I love Golden Rose Lipstick in also #103). I boght it first back in 2007-08, in those days there was some craze and obsession was going on with diamond shine, esp after the launch of Maybelline Diamond shine Lipstick/lip-gloss range, that was too expensive for students. But as a clever girls we tried to manage one way or the other and above all thanks to the companies like Golden Rose, which provided, or tried so, us with the luxury of Diamond shine in affordable price. It was Pkr 500 back then, but it seemed quite reasonable regarding the small size and big price of Maybelline one. I bought it after collecting money for few months from my savings, and I don't regret it till date. It is very special  product for me. This is the only Lip-gloss I bought more than one time, may be this one is the fourth in my collection, one I bought to gift my friend. I really love the packaging, the big size of the tube and most of all the brush wand it has. It was unique in those days. One of my class-fellows had this in transparent shade, don't remember the number. But I selected this one as, the girl with transparent one was always worried that the brush may not touch any colour or it will tint the whole gloss. I liked this shade #103 it's orange-ish peach, with very micro golden and orange specs in it. It's glittery but subtle due to its orangy peachy tint. On lips it is like a Golden Peach tinted gloss. I really Love this one and can't let it go. As it contains a great quantity of the product,7.4g., for me it never finishes quickly, cause' I am not a Gloss sucker but still Love it like anything.

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Are You a Lipstick Lover or a Lip-Gloss Lover? Which is you favourite Lip-gloss.

Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. Nice review :D I prefer tinted lip balms and lip glosses more than lipsticks

  2. lovely colors ^^
    kiss and have a good day

    ps: new beauty post

  3. lovely......... yaar i m loving the color....sweet touch color is amazing............... WOWWWWWWWWWWW

    1. Shukar hey ap ne bhi yeh parrha...lolz..thanx darling<3


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