My Lipstick Collection: Blog Series Intro

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 8 Comments

Hey Lipstick Lovers!!!
I was away for a long time, well I missed being away hope you feel the same for me:) I have so many awaiting blogs in my pocket and really was confused in deciding what to share first. As all the pictures are ready with watermark and a little editing I decided to start with My Lipstick Collection. I am sure the Lipstick Lovers and few Lipstick Suckers like me will love this choice.

This will be like a BLOG SERIES, revealing all the lipsticks in my collection by brand in the upcoming posts. There will be few Lip glosses in the last reviews, I only have three (the gloss lovers will kill me). I purchased few new Lipstick but will not review them in this blog series, do not ask why, just wait and watch. There are few lipstick which I have earlier reviewed, of-course those will not be repeated but for reference the links are provided here:

  1. Luscious Mousturizing Lipstick HAUTE PINK
  2. AVON Lipstick in PINK CRUSH
  3. Oriflame Pure colour Lipsticks
  4. Oriflame wonder colour Lipstick in PINK LADY
Before proceeding let me CONFESS that I am a great time lipstick fan rather freak, you can say that glosses are NOT on my priority list if I am going out specially in summers, in winters I may use a gloss, depends on my mood. I love Lipsticks which are mousturizing, deliver the desired result in shade and texture, does not make my lips Chip, and must not make the dry patches prominent and also must not create them too.... well too demanding I am! therefor I accept that I am a SUCKER when it comes to LIPSTICKS.
Now it's time to reveal my Lipstick box: So Attention:)

So this the square glass painted Jar in which I keep my Daily use Lipsticks. You must have recognized a few and must be feeling anxious for the detailed review of each one. So don't worry as this a blog series so you will get to read the review of all of them one by one soon. 
For just a brief intri I have few shades from Classics, Golden Rose, Karaja, Oriflame(not in the pictures as they are taken by some loved ones and some not so loved ones;)) and a RED shade to be reviewed in this Blog series (I am not mentioning the brands already been reviewed or will review later).
I hope the concept of BLOG SERIES on my Blog will be appreciated and loved by you all :)
So stay tuned until the whole My Lipstick Collection  BLOG SERIES is being revealed in upcoming posts:)

Remember me in prayers.


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  1. oh I am loving your this series... after haul it is my most fav.. and i am lip junkies. so love you for this :)

    hugs & Kisses

    1. kisses and hugs for u too I knew that ull love it...hope ull love the whole collection:) <3

  2. aaah im a fellow lipstick junkie too! love the little box :) very pretty :)

  3. You got me with the lipsticks!! I am a lipstick addict!!

  4. oh my i need to do the inspired post =)

    1. Sure do that soon would love to see the Lipstick blog series fever catching you all bloggers:)


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