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Hey Lipstick Lovers!!!
Hope my absence for few days and a little break in this Blog Series doesn't make you think that: THAT's IT? Yes dears that's not it yet:) There are few more Lipsticks to be shared with you all in the ongoing Blog Series My Lipstick Collection. To Know more Read More!!!

Red Lipstick is a must have, and for a married lady it is a religiously must have, and if it's IN in the fashion then it's a must have so all in all RED LIPSTICK IS  A MUST HAVE:) I only have one and that's enough for my use, let's have a look:

NOTE: In these picture you will see another water mark, don't worry the images are not stolen at all, actually they were water marked a long time ago when my blog had a different name. Thanx for understanding:)

Well, I am just sharing this lipstick and the shade as I am sharing my whole lipstick collection with you lovelies and Lipstick Lovers. This has no prominent brand MOISTURE WHIP(r) and just a number 96/212 and named as CRANBERRY, well the name is really cool. This Lipstick was a wedding gift to me. I use it often with soft and subtle eye makeup or just a liner. Mostly rather strictly I only use this shade on weddings or festivals. This lipstick is good moisturized, stays well but like a red shade it strays also as it can stain my teeth and after chatting or munching it starts bleeding too, well better for a vampire look. I know the trick to stop it from bleeding like that the powder tissue method, but personally I don't like products or things which need tricks to manage, I prefer not using them either. i.e : I do not buy ELF lipsticks, as there bullets break, I know the trick to fix it, but why? when there are companies selling lipsticks in reasonable prices and good quality. Hope you got my point:)
I am not fond of RED lipstick so mush there for it is the only and lonely Red shade in my collection. I love them but really afraid of carrying them even in my dressing. Red makes me feel stand-out sometimes. Red is bold shade I must say. Suites me, but still it is my last choice. I don't know why Red lips make me feel like "OOH LA LA!!!". I apply it and try to tone it down with a dull golden shade in my collection will share that soon, it's from Karaja. I am sure there are many out there who loves Red Lipstick like anything. They carry it beautifully and makes a bold statement with there Red Lips. So enjoy the shade and its swatches if Red is Your thing. Red is one of those shades that compliments every skin tone either it be yellow, brown, fair, pale, white, wheatish or olive, if only worn with confidence and perfection.

Hope You like the shade and my quick post too.

Do you love Red Lipsticks? Can You handle the Bold statement Red Lips make?

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  1. This is no doubt a very beautiful color want to get my hands on it :P

  2. oh its looking very amazing on your lips..

  3. I also don't wear red lipsticks alot..but i do have a few for no reason..i end up sharing those with my mom and sisters :P

    1. Lolz, as I have no sister so my mom is the one who gets the benefit, to quote, my mom boght a matte red lipstick on my wedding, Golden rose it was I guess, gave it to me after my wedding and few months back I gave it back to her un-touched....lolz

  4. oh i love red shades i have just posted a review of a red lip shade =) i love karaja.

  5. I am Freaking loving RED COLOR a lot must try this one :)
    by the way look cool on ur lips :)


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