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Hey Luscious Lovers!!!
Coloured eye pencils have always been such a relief to me, it made my going-out, without any effort on eye makeup, very easy. Did Luscious Bold Metallic eyeliner serve the cause well? Yes it did! To Know More, Read More!!!

 Luscious Bold Metallic Eyeliner:

Bold color that makes a statement. Eight glorious shades of sparkling eyeliner that deliver powerful, vibrant color. A waterproofsmudge-prooffade-proof formula that glides on for a long-lasting finish. At last, an eyeliner pencil that keeps its promises!
Opthamologist Tested 
Lanolin Free

Available in 8 shades: I have 3, Metallic Purple, Electric Blue & Flashy Green.

Luscious Bold metallic eyeliner

The pencils are Long Black pencils but the ends/bottom of these pencils are coloured as the shade of the pencils, well that's helpful in identifying these. The name and shade number is also inscribed on the coloured part. All pencils have Black plastic caps.

Luscious Bold metallic eyeliner


Flashy Green, Electric Blue & Metallic Purple

Flashy Green, Electric Blue & Metallic Purple
I am a fan of coloured eyeliner pencils, they are such a relieve when you are in such a rush that have no time to complete your eye makeup rituals. Just glide them ON and GO!!! I bought these pencils for three reasons:

  1. They were colourful and glittery
  2. They had good options according to my taste
  3. I wanted to try these Bold Metallic pencils from Luscious (which has always been my love)
Before these I had few eye pencils but mostly in Matte, ranging from blacks, brown and purple etc. These attracted me for being in glitter and nice shade range. I selected Flashy Green, Electric Blue & Metallic Purple. Blue and purple is my favourite shade for eye lining, flashy green is not my type but got it as the Peacock green was closer to Electric blue so wanted to try a different/lighter one.
The quality of these pencils are good, they are water-proof but can be easily washed away with a cleansing foam or its better to wipe them with wet-tissues or cleanser. These do not fade quickly, so another claim of Luscious is proved. Do not smudge, thumbs up, but in Summers may be esp the flashy-green one as it smudged on me not the other two. 
I noticed that only the Flashy-green created a problem with me, may be I was not much convinced to buy it so it is like the naughty of the lot. It really melts in Hot weather and was a problem to sharp the tip. So this shade could not win my heart, wish I would have bought the peacock-green as it still has my heart on it. But never mind I can use it in my different EOTD's in future. It is so flashy that I avoid it just for not making any statement...lolz.
Electric-Blue and Metallic Purple are my love and my best friends as I can trust them anytime any where they never disappoints me:) They even stay for handsome amount of time on my eyes even in Summers. I used Metallic purple in my EOTD in this post.


  • you like eye pencils more than liquid liners
  • you like glittery liner pencils for eyes
  • you like Coloured eye liner pencils
  • you like there staying power
  • you find a right shade out of these 8 beauties


  • you are more into liquid eyeliners
  • you are not into glitters
  • black liner is the only liner you can think of....


3.5/5. and all this marks cutting is due to Flashy green's irritating behaviour. But I do recommend these to any one who wanna have wonderful glittery coloured eye liner pencils.


Luscious Bold Metallic Eye liners are for 285 Pkr each. Can be easily found on Luscious cosmetic's counters nation wide(Pakistan). You can visit there website for online shopping with free delivery Here!!!
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Have you given a try to these Bold Metallic eye liners?

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  1. nice review Dear. litter eye pencils are so much in my wishlist... but i want high quality one so thinking about Milani and MUA

  2. Great review! Now Im tempted to get one:-)

  3. Excellent review, i also want to buy electric blue, now buy it soon :) as i am already using their Onxy black eye pencil and its amazing better than any other good brand,, seriously... :)

  4. Wow! I super like the colors and I wanted to try it out too. I want to try first the metallic purple. I love purple so I guess I will grab this one out. Can't wait to have one and try it out.

  5. I am glad about all ur lovely comments...and I really Do recommend the blue and the purple one to any one who love thses shades...:) Thank you all for reading, due to blogger slow behavious these days I cant reply u all individually accept my apology:/

  6. lovely colours and great review thx for sharing :)

  7. The Luscious bold metallic eyeliner review given here is good. Have a look at it

  8. i have the purple one and really like it! wish it was a bit more vibrant though. it swatches well on my hadn but it doesnt show up like that on my eyes :)


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