Luscious Plumping Lip Gloss~CHERRY BISCOTTI~ older version~ review & swatch

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Hey Luscious Lovers!!!
I have this older version of Luscious Plumping Lip Gloss in CHERRY BISCOTTI. Do I love it or... To Know More Read more!!! 


With the hydrating benefits of sweet almond oil and vitamins, our non-sticky formula  will drench your lips in luxurious, high voltage shine. Natural mint extracts make your lips tingle and enhance them to create a fuller, plumper pout.
Luscious Plumping Lip Gloss is a must-have for instant glamour! 
 *Luscious lip products are alcohol free and free of animal ingredients
  •  For maximum lip plumping effect, apply on bare lips.
  • Apply over a neutral shade lip pencil for long-lasting wear.
  • Use over lipstick for mega-watte colour and shine
Available in 10 shades: I own CHERRI BISCOTTI.
It is a transparent tube with a silver cap. Tube has an angled tip with a nozzle of a reasonable size which makes the application of right amount easier on the lips. Net wt. 10g (older version).

Luscious Plumping Lip Gloss~CHERRY BISCOTTI older version
The gloss is applied on Bare lips.

Luscious Plumping Lip Gloss~CHERRY BISCOTTI

If you have been my friend or a regular reader you all must know by now that I am not much of a Lip Gloss lover but to tell you the truth this transparent tube, showing the gloss inside, stole my heart and I bought it after a single swatch. I was tempted to buy this. As I personally do not like pinky glosses so liked this shade which to me is a brownish pink tinted gloss with maroon and golden shimmery glitter, which is very fine specs, although on there site they have described the shade as "JUICY BERRY PINK". Well the first thing you'll notice on application is the cool minty sensation on your lips, sometimes it's bothering as I do not like lip products full of fragrances and sensations, PERSONALLY. The rest of things are ok, it has very fine shimmery gloss, staying time can not be defined, well it's a gloss by the way. Applied with a nude liner or over a bare lipstick the staying time can be increased and the gloss can be controlled from wandering around the lips. Well it do not bleed but yes it goes stray. Overall it's good not average and a beauty for it's price. The quantity is great as it is not finishing, may be I do not use it much but still I want it to go away quickly, therefor I have decided to suck it this Winters.


  • you are into glosses
  • you like its minty tickling flavour
  • you like this shade
  • you like glosses in nozzle tubes
  • you love it's quantity


  • do not like a gloss to give u a minty flavour like a mint toffee
  • do not like gloss without brush/doe-foot applicator


3.5/5. As I am not into glosses and it's minty flavor has started bothering me. Other wise it's a good product do give it a try.


This is for Pkr 395 each. Easily in new packaging on the Luscious's counters in the cosmetics store nation wide (Pakistan). To buy online click Here!!!
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Do you own any Plumping Lip Gloss, which one?

Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is not a PR Product/Post.

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  1. amazing sparkler lipgloss effect ^^
    kiss and have a nice day

  2. good choice.will give it a try inshallah.zabrdast swatch

  3. i have same thing in elf... but after a particular it become sticky and chap my lips... i am not into this... nice review

  4. I find this a little sticky to use but I absolutely adore the shade. They brought these out in the new packaging recently. Love the new one :) thanks for sharing <3

  5. I definitely need to stock up on winter lipgloss:) the newer versions are indeed wonderful. Thanks for the review. xx

  6. Thanx all, dears i know that the new version was launched last year but I had this older version so shared it with you all, hopefully the new ones are far more better:)

  7. Great review! I am interested in trying this one out since I love to collect lip glosses. What I want about this is the packaging. It's easy to apply and I love the scent. I usually love mint scents so I'll grab of this for sure and try it out.

  8. this is a pretty shade love ur review as always

  9. such a pretty shade, love it, <3 ur posts always

  10. oh i have the same shade! even i dont like lipglosses too much so it doesnt get used often but it is a really nice shade :)


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