Luscious Signature Lipstick ~Cinammon #02~ Review & Swatches

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Hey Luscious Lovers!!!
Being a die-hard Lipstick Lover, it is a must to have the best Lipsticks in the town, and when My favourite most brand Luscious launched there Signature Lipstick range, I was destined to get one. Choosing was a difficult task though from a Luscious range of 16 soft matte and shimmery shades. What I selected and hows it going? To Know More Read More!!!


A lightweight, yet velvety and rich color formula that provides long wear and hydration for hours. Formulated with extra pigment for crisp, vivid and stunning color results. Packaged in a stylish tube, it will glide on smoothly, and you will fall in love!
Enriched with Jojoba Oil
Available in 16 soft-matte and shimmer shades. I OWN "CINAMMON" #02 (I know it is CINNAMON but on packaging and on Luscious site they spell it like this)

Contains no animal-derived ingredients
Alcohol Free

Luscious Signature Lipstick 

Luscious Signature Lipstick ~Cinammon- seal packed

Luscious Signature Lipstick ~Cinammon


This Lipstick, overall, is quite different than Luscious Moisturizing Lipsticks . It is a black beauty with a round little pot at the bottom, fill with the color of the bullet (resembling NYX round lipstick) it can not be removed, good as it doesn't make this product break into parts, yet it is quite helpful in finding the shade from the stash. It is a big Lipstick and packaging + casing + product is of great quality, what else one expect from Luscious than quality. On the cap the insignia of Luscious is printed in white. One flaw is that it only has shade number at the bottom not the name of the shade, so you have to know by heart which number is which shade. It will survive 24 months (I'll suck it much before that). Net Wt. 4g.

Luscious Signature Lipstick ~Cinammon
Against Animal Testing

Opening the seal

Luscious Signature Lipstick ~Cinammon

Luscious Signature Lipstick ~Cinammon
Note: In the lip swatches effects are used on the upper-lips area but not on the lip shade. No lip liner is used under these swatches.

Swatch on hand

On lips~ Flash-Light

On Lips~ Room-Light

On Lips~ Day-Light

Luscious launched there Signature Lipstick Collection few months back, I saw it and was determined to get it as my experience with Luscious Moisturizing Lipstick in Haute Pink was more than a Love-affair. In my Haul I had it. Choosing from a range of 16 beautiful colors was such a task, so I went through the names which tempted me, Cinammon, Raspberry and Creamy Peach. I short listed Cinammon as it was an easy choice due to it's unique spicy name and shade. It is one of my chameleon lipsticks which gives different shades in different light and environment, still cant define it's actual shade and love it for this. It has a very spicy name and the shade is a rich mix of Coral Pink and a hint of Mocha-Brown, unique na? The lipstick is moisturizing  The shade is well pigmented with smooth gliding Creamy texture. It is an opaque lipstick. The packaging is strong and safe. Staying time varies from maximum 3-4 hrs. The most good thing about this is that it doesn't leave a tint on the lips behind and also do not settle in the crease lines, and doesn't smear or bleed. Overall it's a trust worthy, good quality product which can be a love for a lipstick lover like me. No doubts that is the reason it is raved so much, Well deserved I must say!


  • you are looking for a moisturizing lipstick
  • you can't resist it's creamy texture
  • color pay off is great, as you can see in the swatches
  • you are a fan of Luscious lipsticks
  • you need a trustworthy lip product
  • you like it's unique shade
  • you adore it's charming packaging with a shade pot at the bottom, giving international style in local market


  • No reason to leave this BLACK Beauty, in 16 shades
  • may be it seems a bit pricey, but it's worth it


5 out of 5! I love this product and will not only get this one again, but will also try other shades from this range. It is a great investment in Lipstick. Highly recommended if you are a lipstick lover and can spend the amount on good Lip products.


Luscious Signature Lipsticks are for Pkr 675 each. Luscious products are available nation wide, check in your nearest store. You can buy it online from there website with free home delivery and Cash on delivery facility from HERE!!! or you can get Luscious products from too.
Join Luscious Facebook fan-page for updates and exciting offers.

Hope you all like my choice of Signature Lipstick. Do comment, like, share, tweet and G+ this post to spread the love of Luscious Cosmetics.

Do you own one? Share you shade and experience.

Remember me in your prayers.

Note: This is NOT a PR product/post.

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  1. great review, it's my favorite shade. it suit you well<3

  2. this hade is looking gorgeous on u :)
    thanks for ur comment on my blog im following u too :)

  3. Love this color on you <3 Signature Lipsticks are one of my favs :) xx

  4. very very pretty shade, love the swatches

  5. nice color.i really want to try this one it gives ur face sucha pop bt i am scared that it might be a little too adventrous fr me.i find the signature lipstick a little dry ,dont u.or may b its just the weather

  6. I have started collecting lipsticks lately, such a nice passion it is ;)
    Now I definitely want something from Luscious Signature Lipstick Collection :)

  7. I really like the new packaging for luscious, the shade looks amazing! suits you xx

  8. great review I hv been hearing so much about these lipsticks gna give them a shot soon btw I love the colour on u :) xxx

  9. such a lovey dovey shade!!

  10. Lovely color and signature lipsticks are one of my favorites , looks lovely on you !! Thanks for sharing <3

  11. lovely color...i ll definately have dis one

  12. i lovvve these lipsticks! i only have one but i cant wait to get my hands on some more.

  13. isn't it beautiful?! Great to know u love it too <3


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