Luscious Single eyeshadows~ Misty, Masquerade, Smoke & Vanity~Review & Swatches

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Hey Luscious Lovers!!!
Eye shadows are always an essential part of makeup, I know you all agree. There's a great variety of Palettes available around but I think single eye shadows are always a love. Does Luscious Single Eye Shadows win my Love or no??? To Know More Read More!!!


Luscious Eyeshadows are luxuriously creamy, rich, and blendable. They are packed with intense color that will never crease or fade. Enhance your eyes with delicate shimmer and a plush, velvety finish.
  • To use a single color, sweep shadow over the entire eyelid and blend out and slightly upwards.
  • Use our gorgeous shades alone or combine them to create your own glamorous look.
  • For a more intense, evening look sweep one of our lighter shades (limelight, baby doll, thunder, angel) over the entire eyelid. Define with a darker shade (deep forest, smoke, royal) by blending it into the crease and outer corner of your eyes. Highlight with moonbeam on the brow bone.
Available in 12 shades: I own 4, Misty, Masquerade, Smoke and Vanity.

Luscious Single eyeshadows~ Masquerade,Smoke,Misty,Vanity
Luscious Single eyeshadows~ Masquerade,Smoke,Misty,Vanity

The Black Box

Ingredients and details
The Luscious single Eye shadows come in a black box, with all inscription in white, and a hole to see in the color through the transparent lid of the packaging. It is a round packaged pan holding the shade. The lid is an easy pluck-open one. The casing is of grey-ish silver color with a transparent lid with Luscious inscribed on it, it make easy the color selection in the stash. Net Wt 3g./o.1 oz

Luscious Single eyeshadows~ Smoke Vanity & Masquerade

Luscious Single eyeshadow ~ MASQUERADE

Luscious Single eyeshadow~ MISTY

Luscious Single eyeshadow~ SMOKE

Luscious Single eyeshadow~ VANITY

Misty, Vanity, Masquerade & Smoke
Luscious single eye shadows are loved by all. The first one I bought of these single beauties was Antique Gold, but unfortunately it's stolen from my stash, I really loved it and would have loved to review it for you all, I bought that in 2008 and I have never seen such a beautiful dull golden shade ever, It is out of stock on there site or would have got it again. Well now for the ones I have.
MISTY: It is has always been my love since the day I swatched it through the days I craved for it and the lucky day when I got it and every blessed time I apply it on my eye lids. Its my all time favourite from the lot. even if I am not wearing any makeupI put this on the lids and a lipstick to pair with and go out. It is a sea green with silvery green/blue hue, with a hint of golden shimmer, it is a unique I call it my MERMAID shade.
VANITY: It is a Dull brown with a frosty look, good for evening time. Can be used in a dull smokey look.
MASQUERADE: It is a stand out silvery blue kind'a color. Can be worn alone as it is best to complete the pop-out frosty blue eye makeup, ALONE.
SMOKE: It is a lovely black as it is not black but an ash grey black and thats why I like it more than any other black eye shadows in my stash. It is beautiful to create that smokey look and can be worn alone to make a Smokey Statement. It is my second love from the lot.
This Product is used in a FOTD here.
Luscious single eye shadows are wearable. They stay longer than any other eye shadows in my stash, even without an eye-primer, well say maximum 5 hrs in cool weather and in humid maximum 2-3hrs. They are smooth and creamy in application and the texture is rich and full pigmented, and very less fall out. I am so much in love with these singles that for a long time I had no palette as they were serving all my needs efficiently esp Smoke and Misty. They are handy and travel friendly. These all can be easily worn alone or blended in with any other shade or with each other to create beautiful looks will do EOTD's soon:) But here is a simple Eye makeup look with Misty, Antique gold as highlighter(in those days I had it) and Metallic bold eye pencil in Metallic Purple.

On lids Misty, antique gold as highlighter and metallic purple on the line

  • you love single eye shadows
  • you want full color pay-off
  • you love Luscious quality in these little wonders
  • you want handy, budget and travel friendly eye shadows


  • I can not think of any reason to leave it
  • if you do not find your desire shades in this collection, well that's difficult too as they have all shades in there 12 pcs to match any mood


4.5/5. They are wonderful flawless and lovable. Highly recommended if you are looking for budget friendly eye shadows.


The Single eye shadows are for Pkr 325 each. Can be found nation wide. You can get them through online shopping from Luscious website.
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Remember me in your prayers.


NOTE: This is NOT a PR post/product.

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  1. awsommmeeee your posts help me to choose the right product.. thankXXx :)
    visit my blog too :)

  2. love the shades, looking pretty on your eyes <3

  3. lovely... colors were looking light in swatches and on your eyes these are looking so good. i am amazed they are in powder but still stays longer even without primer. nice work Girl!!!

  4. I have the ones in smoke and angel, i like them both..i wish Luscious comes out with more shades soon! :)

  5. Nice colors and looks great on eyes... :)

  6. I really like Vanity! :) Nice look!

  7. Ur eye makeup looks nice...ive been wanting to get luscious eye shades but I find them a bit too light for my taste...they look good for a semi formal look the review:-)

  8. Hey, I just found your blog & started following - follow back? :) I'm attempting to create 365 different make-up looks & I'm almost on look 100!

    - Erin (

  9. nice colors

  10. i have misty and masquerade! love them! i have gold dust too, youre right it is such a beautiful shade :)


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