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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
There are times which you can never forget. After qualifying for this class through a simple procedure I had a charm, beauty and Makeup filled evening which truly for me is "An Evening to Remember all my life". To Know More Read More!!!

image courtesy: L'atelier & Saman Ansari

I was so excited on the evening of 10th October, couldn't decide what to wear and esp how to makeup? I had no idea at all that what will happen in this class (never attended such one-to-one class with a makeup artist before). With all the arrangements for baby and her baba completed, as they were to stay for three hours without me, I reached the venue which is not so far from my place in F-8/3 Islamabad, "L'atelier". The class was started every one was sitting in the manner students sit in rows of chairs, and there in the front of the class was sitting SAMAN ANSARI, my heart missed a beat, she smiled at me welcomed me and relaxed me by saying that they were only onto the introductions, fheeewww!!! So I didn't miss any thing. The class started with Introductions, it was really great to know that women/girls from many walks of life were present there including teacher, lawyer, 9-5 job, beauty-bloggers and house wives etc. Then Saman Ansari started off with the Spring/Summer trends for the year 2013. After that started the question answer session, in which all sort of beauty and makeup related questions were beautifully answered by Saman Ansari in a very loving and polite manner. Saman asked us all in the beginning about our most worried-about beauty/makeup concerns, well that's very intelligent of her as in the Demo session she tackled our problem areas involving us, either practicing it or getting it done on ourselves. Even during Demo she encouraged us by saying "Let those questions be coming" so we had all our queries answered and tackled. All the details will be told but first have the glimpse of the class,(I am not in the pictures as I requested not to be, and I thank them for honoring my privacy):

image courtesy: L'atelier & Saman Ansari
Details of the Class:
Now let me tell you in details the happenings and learning I had in the Master Class by Saman Ansari. First the Spring/Summer trends for 2013.
Spring/Summer Makeup Trends in 2013:
Saman Ansari very nicely defined the year 2013 as the revival of all the trends being IN past decade, but with a hint of change in all:

  • Smokey Eyes: with butterfly theme, as the colors may be added to it
  • Bold Lips: all bright lip shades will be in including Reds, Corals etc. The colors can be mixed to make them wearable. Purple is IN but that shade will not suite our skin tone, but to complimnet it Berry shades can be used.
  • Glossy/Dewy Look: Face seems as if sprayed with gloss, but according to her that's not suitable for our climate esp in Summers
  • Liner: Liners have been IN for quite some time, and now they are again IN but "winged" and "angled" a little twist to Cat eyes.
  • Coloured Liner: Colors like Red and copper can be added, but she doesn't recommend this trend other than the Ramp
The wonder Table Layout full of MAC beauties

As in the beginning of the class she asked us about our beauty/makeup concerns so after question answer sessions she demonstrated us how to tackle those problem areas. She lat one volunteer with the problem to be the canvas and the other to practice on half of the face and then after this she showed the correct way on the other half. I was volunteer for Cotouring and Nayab from Nayab Loves Blog was practicng her hands on me...lolz. This was a very healthy way of learning we learned techniques to choose correct base colours, smokey eyes, contouring, blushing and highlighting etc. She is so nice and kind she let her swatch her MAC collection which is really wide and wild...:)

Beautiful class set-up for the makeup learning evening- my pictures

TIPS by Saman Ansari:
I really want to write each and every single word we spoke and technique learned in the class but I know that's impossible so let me press all three hours in few Important Tips and techniques I learned that evening.
  • Select the base i.e foundation and face powder etc in day time and swatch two three shade closer to your own skin tone, on the jaw line and take some time, check it in the day light in your mirror, the shade which is not visible/prominent is the correct shade for your complexion
  • To determine that you need a pink or yellow undertone base, check your veins color at the inner side of the elbow in the sun. If these are blue that means you are on cool side and pink undertones will go with you. If your veins are green then yellow undertone will suite you
  • For oily skin a foundation powder is better as it gives a matte look with medium to full coverage, she suggested MAC studio fix powder
  • If skin starts shining because of oil do not directly touch up with powder first blot the excessive oil then touch up or you'll end up layering for a cakey look
  • For smoking eyes use the base/light shade to the 2/3 of the eye and then add a medium shade i.e purple muave with a silver base then add black on to crease and blend it all inwards to the 2/3 of the eyes again. Blending is the KEY
  • For contouring a round face never use circular movement of the brush always do it in an angle, even the blush and highlighter must be in angled application. Blending is the KEY
& the most important TIPs from such a pro makeup artist:
  • Know your comfort level with colors, brushes and everything related to makeup keeping in my mind your own face and personalised style
  • practice and practice allot
  • do not be afraid cause Trial and Error method is best for learning which will take you to perfection
There was much more than just these in those three hours...wish could share all.

Saman Ansari conducting the class - my picture
Saman Ansari MAC pro (trained) Makeup Artist:

I have no reason to not declare her as MY MAKEUP MUSE, as not only she is the first ever person who actually taught me makeup techniques etc but also as she inspired me allot and all in positive and mind blowing manner. She is trained from MAC and really admires and trust MAC. She has been working in Television Media and nowadays she is providing her services at L'atelier for bridal and party makeup. She is a photographer too. Details will be given below.
I learned allot from her, she even guided me about  my International tone, but not confirmed yet as someday ill visit her at day time to swatch from her big range from MAC makeup, but she guessed that I am NC30 with Peachy undertones. I am practicing what ever I learned from her and I am glad I know how to enhance my features and skills.
I really Thank L'atelier and Saman Ansari for conducting this three hours class. I learned so mush in only Three hours so what a great learning experience it will be in the three days BOOT CAMP which will be conducted in November, 2012.

For staying in touch with the MAC pro Artist Saman Ansari join her facebook fan page Here!!!
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Hope you like this post about a wonderful experience I had with Saman Ansari at L'atelier.
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Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. she is really a cute ... and i must say you are luck <3.... i wish i could join too....

  2. everything you wrote is absolutely true! had such a blast :)

  3. thanks for sharing dear :) I wish I could attend too. how much did u pay for it?


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