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Hey Luscious Lovers!!!
After a well appreciated Blog series on My Lipstick Collection , and a series of one after one blog on  Color Studio Pro products, I once again bring to you a well awaited blog series: MY LUSCIOUS COLLECTION. I am more excited than any one and I am sure Luscious Cosmetics fans will be excited and happy too. What I have in store for you all? To Know More READ More!!!


Luscious Cosmetics is a beauty brand offering luxury quality products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging. Our products are formulated especially for South Asian skin tones while following global fashion trends and cutting-edge technology. Since its launch in 2007 Luscious Cosmetics has gained a cult following among celebrities and makeup addicts alike, attaining the status of one of the largest selling beauty brands in South Asia. Luscious has become synonymous with luxurious textures, glamorous colors, remarkable product innovations, and lots of shimmer. Our mantra: Celebrate Your Beauty!

The mission of Luscious Cosmetics is to provide luxurious imported cosmetics at an affordable price. Our products stand up to international standards and follow global beauty trends and technology, but do not carry the same high price tag.

Our cosmetics strictly do not contain animal products and we do not engage in animal testing .We source the best ingredients from all over the world to provide our customers with fresh products that have many skin-friendly benefits.

My Luscious Collection~ Collage
2007 was the year when I was not too much into brands and makeup, few lipsticks, lip liners, eye pencils and mascara was all that could satisfy me. But an event changed my simple ideology (mostly of student life). On my birthday that year a friend gifted me a blush by Luscious named "Sparkle" (I like the name so much that it's part of my pen-name forever). The details of the beautiful product led me to the details that a new much hyped brand is launched with wide make-up range and quite reasonable prices. On my very next visit to Al-fatah, my favourite cosmetics shopping haven of all times, I spotted there little display counter. Being a lipstick lover/sucker I asked the sales man to show me the lipstick testers. He took out a glass tray with Luscious moisturizing Lipstick's tester. I loved the tiny little silver packaging alot, and Haute Pink was the shade that took my heart away didn't buy then, but it was on my top wish list and got it asap I could and still loving it. In another event I got its single eyeshade in Ash Gold, loved it as it was a perfect dull golden shade for a student, can't review sadly it's stolen from my stash:( 
My love and Respect for the brand was rising day by day. Specially because it is a Pakistani brand. After my wedding I got few products like Whitening base and lipsticks and brought the catalog home (the most lethal thing I did). As I was turning pages I was craving for more and more, this was there first catalog with Iman Ali as there brand ambassador. This blown my mind and I went again top shop for 5000 plus Pkr. lolz got most of the stuff. 
Luscious Facebook Fan-page is the most active page among all brands available in Pakistan with more than 208K likes. They usually have contests and I won one last year in these days, Oct/Nov,11'. So this is the right time to pay my love as a tribute to Luscious company through this Blog Series. I won two nail colors, masquerade single eye shade and Metallic bold pencil in purple. The ones who are regular there must remember. That is what not only increased my love for this Pakistani Brand, but also introduced me to blogging and thus made my dull life meaningful again. really Love this brand and respect it more for what it means to me:)
I have reviewed few of there products earlier to read click: Luscious Cosmetics Reviews. In this Blog Series I will review Luscious Cosmetics Blushes, single eye shadows, Lipstick, sparkling shimmer, metallic bold eye pencils, face base products and most importantly a recent HAUL:)

So upcoming posts are a TRIBUTE TO LUSCIOUS COSMETICS as I celebrate my love and respect for this brand, which is close to my heart and played a vital role in making me a beauty blogger. Thank you Luscious cosmetics.
Celebrate your beauty! as this is Luscious Festival at Sparkling makeup Blog!!!

What product would you like me to review first? Or you want to see the haul first?

Do comment, like, share, tweet and G+ this post to spread the love of Luscious Cosmetics.

Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. OMG! Tat's a great collection

  2. Lovely... So stop teasing now and do a haul post Im waiting for it since Ramadan :)Ur writing skills getting better day by day btw <3

  3. Thanx all esp Sana Sadiq, I know dear I promise you the first post after this will be a haul post...IA... I have kespt u waiting for sooo long but not longer than the pix of hijab clips...lolz u know wat i mean
    P.S i am unable to reply each comment individually due to speed of blogger these days, hop eu understand once the issue is solved ill repley all IA

  4. Nice collection, waiting for the reviews now :)

  5. yummy collection.waiting waiting

  6. lovely... i must say... u arte doing very well... just keep sending surprises....

  7. cant wait for the collection! great idea

  8. That's greatt. I really want to try their foundations! Love your collection.

  9. You have all the great picks Huda <3


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