October Haul & NOTD~ Winter is coming Baby! D.Watson F-10

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
I can smell the aroma of freshly made coffee in the air, can you? Yes! In Islamabad the weather is changing and the evening breeze is getting colder making one wish to roll in the blanket to enjoy the chill of upcoming Winters. I know it will be a bit early for many of you. But with this all comes the dry and itchy skin. What I have planned for coming Winters... To Know more Read More!!!

This is definitely a truly NON-COSMETIC HAUL, as no makeup product was bought in this. My focus was on skin care for upcoming Winters whose effects have already started on my skin. Lets have a look on WHAT I GOT:
So Here are the beauties:

  1. St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter BODY WASH Rs. 420.
  2. L'oreal White perfect MILKY FOAM Rs. 600.
  3. Physiogel Medicated Mousturizer Rs. 600.(recommended by my dermatologist according to my skin, before using it take advice from your doctor please)
  4. Color me Flowers Deo Spray Rs 190.
(Detailed reviews will be shared soon, on this same BLOG)
These are the products I bought in my first visit, But as it was a sudden haul and that too in my first visit so something must have to go wrong... and that did as instead of BODY LOTION I bought BODY WASH...lolz. My hubby suddenly allowed me to shop for my essential stuff while we were out for grocery. I was excited rather over excited. Quickly memorized the things on my top priority list, all were skin concerned as the weather is changing in Islamabad, and my skin is going dry and itchy, the dryness on my cheeks is getting worst as it is now flaky and patchy, so I wanted to buy a Body LOTION, Face wash, moisturizer and when I spotted Deo Spray I thought I wanted it too...lolz. So in this rush I rushed to skin care cabinets in D.Watson F-10 (will tell you in detail the drastic change in there customer service now) I thought the first counter with BIG bottles ranging different products is of Body Lotion, in a hurry I just read St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter, I grabbed that thinking it as BODY LOTION. It was when I came home and gave a thorough reading to all my purchases it dawned at me that what I bought as Body Lotion is actually BODY WASH...Duffer!!!(This was all I could tell to myself). So had to go again next day for changes I planned relaxly. First I thought of changing this body wash with a Body Lotion, I did not at all like the thick fragrance of this one, it has to be changed any way. Then I thought of changing its fragrance and getting a new Body Lotion. So this is my HAUL part 2:

 I exchanged St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter with Mineral Therapy(it also claims Maximum Moisturizing) and for Body Lotion I bought FREEMAN Replenishing Body Lotion Shea Butter & Lemon Grass for Rs. 295 (very reasonable for this huge bottle, 400ml). I have started using them and will review these all soon for you.
Hair fall is my biggest concern these days, so my dermatologist/skin specialist advised me to have HAIR-VIT capsules for two months. This one bottle containing 30 capsules cost Rs. 765. I have started using it, but not enough to claim anything so will review it soon.
NOTE: This medicine is prescribed to ME by a certified Dermatologist, according to my problem. Please do take advice from your own doctor before using it.

Now my NOTD using my Sweet touch Black Queen and Cafe... a Winter treat for you all<3

D-Watson F-10:
If you are following my Blog for quite some time you must have remember my worst experience at D-Watson F-10? If not then click Here! to know what happened earlier. Below that post some one commented about the positive changes coming in the store. So I was also anxious this time to see what changes have they made to improve there store esp the customer service. I must say I am impressed as this time the ladies in makeup section were eager to GRAB me, I could see the two wanting to win me. I wanted to see foundation for my combination/dry skin, the girl named Aasia showed me all the related foundations with a smile on her face and loads of advises too. I am glad, because all I wanted in my earlier post was that IF IT IS A BIG STORE IT MUST ACT LIKE ONE:) Will now visit them for makeup and skin care products shopping.

Hope You will like my NON-COSMETIC but SKIN CARE HAUL:)

Have Winter arrived in your city? What are your plans for coping with Winters this time?
Do comment, like, tweet, share and G+ this post to spread the love of skin care:)

Remember me in your prayers.


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  1. Ooooh nice haul you have there. Share some reviews soon xxx :)

  2. i want ur take on physio gel :-D also on mineral therapy.looks yummy.i want it too.n really bad.chalo good that ur shopping experience was pleasent.sucha rarety for moms

  3. when we go for shopping we mostly quit skin products like I do. But these things are really must have products. For me hair vit capsules are new . Can you share with us about this product? and I must say you are a very obedient wife!! lucky man

  4. Thanx all, will update u all about every product let me use it for satisfactory time, but for amna the mineral therapy is really wow...I am glad I made this choice and left shea butter wala wash...<3 love u all


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