It's my 100 post....:)

Monday, November 12, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 10 Comments

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
I know these days My Luscious Collection Blog Series is going ON my blog in which you all are having Luscious cosmetics products reviews Back to Back, but I am doing this post just to Thank Al Mighty and you all fans, friends and followers as this post is my 100th published post. So this is a celebration time and this month I promise you all a very attractive giveaway as this month is very special....yes!!! as the blog anniversary is also around. I started My Blog on 28th November, 2011. The first blog was just sharing of a giveaway but after that I posted every now and then and with few changes made in my blog's overall look here I am posting regularly and sharing my love of makeup with you all... So let's celebrate my 100 post:)

I really wanna thank you all because without your love, appreciation, encouragement and even your constructive criticism I could not have made it till my 100th post. I am happy and glad that the effort I did to start my blog and the arguments I did to convince my hubby to give me time to spend on net for my blog is paying off in shape of your love and trust. Soon I will be coming up with a giveaway to thank you all and to celebrate this month of celebrations:)

Remember me in your prayers.


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