L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel combination to oily skin~Review

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
This Summer I was more concerned about my combination to oily skin. The most concerned part was "CLEANSING" my skin without using any oil/milk based product and what if I could get a face wash which can do it all for me? Did L'oreal Paris HYDRAFRESH Instant Foaming gel "do it all for me?". To know More Read More!!!

L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel combination to oily skin:

ACTIONS: Enriched with Vitamins and essential minerals, HYDRAFRESH foaming Gel thoroughly removes make-up and cleanse the skin of impurities. Containing a moisturizing agent, its formula clarifies your skin and leaves it fresh and hydrated.
RESULTS: Thoroughly cleansed, your skin feels soft and purified, with an incredible sensation of freshness.
L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel combination to oily skin

L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel combination to oily skin
L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel combination to oily skin

L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel combination to oily skin

It is a very cool-like-cucumber light green coloured squeezable tube with a flip open cap having a nozzle. The tube is soft so it can be easily squeezed to get the desired amount of foaming gel into your palm. Net wt. 100 ml.

L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel~flip open cap

L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel~Nozzle

L'oreal Paris HydraFresh Instant Freshness Foaming Gel~ Transparent Greenish Gel

I know this coming a little late as I bought it as I bought it in My mini HAUL in July this year. But now as I used this product through out the Summers this year I think now I can share my full experience with you all lovelies which may not help you NOW as Winters are at doorstep, rather crossed the threshold, but this review will surely help you set your priority skin care list in the next Summers.
My skin has been behaving strange, it's natural after child birth, with all those hormonal ups and downs, and the weather of this city, Islamabad, which is hot yet dry. I had combination skin this Summers for the first time in my life otherwise it is oily since I remember. I was concerned for my combination skin plus the issue of removing makeup and impurities, as I did not want to invite break-outs by using any oil/milk based cleanser. So I kind-of was looking for a product which could be all-in-one for me and deals with all my skin related issues  plus save me from the Long skin Cleansing regimen and I can get rid of make-up and impurities only by washing my face. I bought this and really did not REGRET this. I came home after shopping this and went straight to my wash-room and damped my face, but suddenly I spotted my water-proof mascara, and thought that may be this can not remove it and will have to remove it afterwards with a cleansing wipe. WOHOOO!!! all to my wonders after washing my face with HydraFresh Foaming gel not only all the makeup was gone but also there was no sign of WATER-PROOF MASCARA on my lashes. I was immediately impressed and fell in love with this one and now I can call it my HG foaming gel for SUMMERS. The gel is transparent greenish refreshing with a cool scent which transfers a cool-like-cucumber sensation to your skin and one really feels FRESH!!! I really do...:)
I will definitely buy this again for next Summers, now a days I am using L'oreals White Perfect Milky foam will review that soon.
This one is really a wonder if it suites your skin also as it cleanse the skin thoroughly and also removes makeup and impurities so L'oreal Paris Hydra Fresh keeps it's promises.
Only one thing irked me in the packaging and that is the gel is a little liquidy and the nozzle is really a big one and sometime it is unmanageable to control the quantity of the gel while squeezing the really soft tube. I used to lay it down instead of making it stand on it's cap as it helped it lessen the pressure and the gel did not drool out as soon I opened the flip open cap, it's also prone to leakage so IT IS NOT TRAVEL FRIENDLY AT ALL...:/ but provided the superb product it is one has to over look this packaging mess. During travel I wrapped it in plastic bag and make it stand on it's tail in my bag so no leakage can occur.


  • you are looking for all-in-one foaming gel which can cleanse, wash face off makeup and impurities
  • it suites your skin type
  • you love gel foams
  • you trust L'oreal Paris
  • it's budget friendly


  • it is not travel friendly
  • it doesn't suites your skin type


4.5/5. except the leaking big nozzle the product keeps it all promises. I definitely recommend it to you all.


This Summers I got this for Pkr 499. It is easily available nation wide and world wide in the stores having L'oreal Paris counters. 
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Have you used any product from L'oreal Paris HYDRA FRESH range? Do share your experience.

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NOTE: This is not a PR post/product.

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  1. nice review i am very happy to read positive thing about this. I think i should buy one too

  2. great review.very helpful.i will defintly try it in summers.did it keep oiliness at bay?

  3. hi dear...seems good product...
    what a pity that the box is too big for travel :(

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    the simple life of rich people blog
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  4. My skin would love this in the summer! Thanks for the helpful review xx

  5. Thank yopu all for ur lovely comments and for liking this post:) <3


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