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Hey Luscious Lovers!!!
First let me confess and declare that I AM A DIE-HARD FAN of LUSCIOUS COSMETICS being a wide ranged Pakistani Cosmetics Brand, but as nothing is perfect in this world, so is the cosmetics. Few of the products from Luscious cosmetics disappointed me, quality was not an issue for-sure but few other reasons made them a NO for me. We must know that every brands has it's positives and negatives few things suites some and doesn't suite some... To Know more READ more!!!


I got these two nail colours as a prize gift from Luscious cosmetics facebook fanpage last November. No Doubt the packaging was great but the nail colour was such a disappointment. It was easily washed away and cracked even earlier than my Sweet Touch nail polishes. Staying power was not at all good. the shades were French beach and Pink Pearl, these shades are discontinued may be they gave away the prizes to clear the stock and may be this is why these were not up-to the standard set by Luscious Cosmetics itself. after this I never thought of buying any of there nail lacquer as I think it will be a waste of PKR 225.


I loved the texture and blending quality of this Liquid foundation, and as far I remember it was my first Liquid Foundation. The problem was the shade as I bought it in 2010 and at that time I was eager to try it and Luscious had limited shades to offer. As I have fair complexion I went for Ivory and swatch was okey too. But being a mineral foundation it oxidized and within an hour of application my face started look darker than my real complexion and my hands looked more fair than my face. It broke my heart and I felt I wasted my PKR 1175, although I still love it for its blending and smooth texture but will never give it a try again.


Being effected from the love of this brand I made a haul back in 2010 and bought a huge haul from there wide range. Most of the items were on my top wishlist and there pressed powder is one of them. When I swatched the testers from there limited range then of only 3 shades, I thought 01 is too light for even a fair-complexioned person like me, 02 seemed darker but I went with it as I avoid products which make me look extra WHITE so skipped 01. Wrong choice may be or just my bad-luck. Combined with HD mineral foundation it made me look darker than even Dark, i would have loved it if I wanted to be looked sun-bathed or tan. I used it once and gave it away so can not much say about it's quality but it did not suite me so why to inquire about the quality.


I never used stick foundation and am not even an expert in it's application. When this was launched I got tempted with all the raving reviews. It was Winters when I bought this one and it went flat down on me....a BIG disappointmnet it did not blend equally esp on my nose. Made my pores and black head prominent and even made my dry cheeks even more flacky even with moisturizer. May be it was not meant for my skin type although the advisor on there Facebook page told me it's good for Winters dry skin...:/ But it's okey I will stick to liquid foundations all my life now as this first stick foundation disappointed me BADLY and I wasted my Pkr 850.

Well even after these experiences I love Luscious Cosmetics, will try other products from there wide range i.e the flawless liquid foundation etc. I love ther Blushes, single eyeshades, lipstick and eye pencils, to read the reviews of my favz from this brand click HERE!!!.

Hope you all like my post. Do comment sharing your disappointing experience from your favourite brands.

Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is not a PR post/products.

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  1. hi dear...the polish are great

  2. hmm.. everything has its 2 ways.. neg n positive..
    Luscious need to word out on products...

  3. try etude twin cake! its the nd time ive bought it and going to hit pan soon! it has exceptional coverage and stays on in extreme hot weather!

    1. I have that and love it and I am also hitting the pan third time :) but u see thats a powder foundation na but this one is only a pressed powder to set the foundation

  4. The stick foundation suits normal to combo skins..and i too didn't like their nail lacquer, i bought a purple shade and it actially turned alot goopy and changed into a blue shade in a few months..

  5. Great post..Loving your honesty! Most bloggers would probably not write a post like this after getting free products from the company. At the moment I'm in love with the luscious flawless foundation...but not really fond of their nail polishes. Thanks for sharing! :)


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