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Hey Skin Care Lovers!!!
My skin! my skin! and MY SKIN, like every one out there I worry for my skin as I consider it as my asset, every one must care it like one. I am really glad that I was sent in skin care products press-sachet samples from Merle Norman, Pakistan. Do you wanna know how was my "a week skin care" experience? To Know More Read More!!!

MERLE NORMAN:(About the Company)

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Merle Norman Cosmetics develops, manufactures and distributes its own full line of skin care and color cosmetic products. These cosmetics are sold through approximately 2,000 independently owned and operated Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Today, Merle Norman's vision carries on. The Merle Norman line includes hundreds of tried-and-true products, addressing the full spectrum of skin care and color needs for all women.

To ensure optimum quality control, the company researches, develops, manufactures and packages its own products, shipping them daily to Studios from major warehouse facilities in Los Angeles and Memphis. Using state-of-the-art technology and the finest ingredients available, the company takes pride in its pioneering use of advanced formulations - sometimes years ahead of competitors.

The company’s beginnings are an American success story. It started in the late 1920s when an ambitious young woman named Merle Nethercutt Norman began sharing skin care products of her own creation with family and friends. She demonstrated the products as an added service, believing if she could “get it on their faces” they would become customers.

"Try Before You Buy"

It was from this concept that the famous and much imitated slogan, “Try Before You Buy” originated. Merle Norman is also the inventor of the legendary “Before and After” makeover. As demand grew, she opened her first Studio in 1931 in Santa Monica, CA, with the help of her nephew, J.B. Nethercutt, who assisted in the development and manufacturing of her products. Decades before working women were the norm, Merle Norman gave hundreds of women the opportunity to achieve business success by owning and operating their own Studios. Her single Studio has evolved into the successful corporation it is today.

These dynamic franchisees benefit from intensive training, strong marketing support and the same spirit of enthusiasm that inspired Merle Norman more than 75 years ago.

Dedicated to Merle Norman's original vision of superior products, individual service and the "Try Before You Buy" philosophy, and bolstered by a contemporary new design, Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios are positioned for continued expansion and even greater success in the years ahead.

Although Merle Norman passed away in 1972 and J.B. Nethercutt in 2004, the company, under the guidance of Jack B. Nethercutt II, remains a family-owned business dedicated to helping women everywhere look their absolute best.

Merle Norman Cosmetics currently researches, develops, manufactures and packages its own line of skin care and color products which are proudly made in the USA. To ensure optimum quality control, the company houses its own Research & Development department on the premises of its headquarters in Los Angeles. Using state-of-the-art technology and the finest ingredients available, Merle Norman Cosmetics takes pride in its pioneering use of advanced formulations.

Merle Norman~ Skin care & color guide manual
I was chosen for the press-samples sachets for review purpose and the companies franchise in Karachi, Pakistan sent me a Manual guide book which has details of MN skin care range with color guide of MN cosmetics range, along with it were sachets of there three skin care products in sample sachets which I had to use for my skin care routine for a week, proper guideline and directions for use were provided. I will start by describing my skin type and the preparations I did before starting this seven days Skin care Routine, then I will individually review each product with details and directions for use and in the end i will show you the result through a picture of my skin(closely). Let's start then!!!

This Summers I had a horrid skin, it was combination for the first time in my life, my cheeks were dry and DE-hydrated and my T-zone was oily and shiny, what a combination!!! As the the season's clock is set to change and approaching Winters can be smelled in the cold breeze of Islamabad, Pakistan, my cheeks have become drier and flaky, T-zone is not shiny anymore with few blackheads here and there (that means clogged pores, where oil is freezing now...lolz!!!). With all these effects my skin is as SENSITIVE as always.

Before starting this skin care routine with Merle Norman I STOPPED using any skin care product on my face just washed it daily and applied my moisturizer only. This could help me judge the difference these products could make on my skin.


"A refreshing silky cleanser that removes makeup, impurities and excess surface oil. Advanced formula leaves skin looking brighter and more vibrant. Exclusive Bright+ Complex a blend of Vitamin C and other brightening agents helps diminish the appearance of spots and discoloration. Oil-free."

Directions for use:
Massage onto damp skin with fingertips or facial brush. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with your eyes. Maximize brightening results by using the entire brilliant C system. Apply Brilliant C serum followed by Brilliant C moisturizer.

MN Brilliant-C Cleanser~ sachet samples
MN Brilliant-C Cleanser~ ready for use on my palm
MN Brilliant-C Cleanser~full size tube web image 

MY EXPERIENCE with MN Brilliant-C Cleanser:

I tied my hair, wore my facial head-band and dampened my skin. Slit open the sachet and squeezed out the Cleanser into my palm, the quantity in each sachet is 85ml and that was enough for my whole face. I put few drops of water into my palm and started to rub it and to my wonder a very lathery foam was created. I applied on my face and gently massaged all along the face towards the neck top to the temples and hair-line. On the first day I skipped my eyes, but to test the cleansing power once during the routine I massaged it gently on my closed eyes to see either it removes the makeup or not, IT DID, every single bit of mascara and eye makeup was gone. After removing it by washing it off I felt that my skin was smooth. As I used it for seven days I could feel my skin being brighten up and being smoother and soft. On first application only it itched my sensitive areas but that only because this will be more suitable for Normal to oily skin and mine is dry and sensitive these days. But for next 6 days I did not feel any itching with it. This cleanser has a very mild orange fragrance, it does not irritate at all it really is very mild. I am really glad with the overall performance of MN Brilliant-C Cleanser as it keeps its promises. It is Oil-free and will suite more to a Normal/Oily skin type, but no harm is done even to a dry skin if a moisturizer is used regularly along with it's use as I did.

MN Brilliant-C Cleanser comes in a full size tube: Net wt. 113 g./ 4 0z worth Pkr 2200. The ordering details are given at the end of this post.


A skin brightening formula with fruit enzymes that removes lackluster skin cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Finely milled apricot and mango seeds gently buff skin to a polished perfection, prepering it to recieve maximum nourishing benefits. Gentle enough for even the most delicate skin.

Direction for use:
An Exfoliator
For the best results, use three times a week on clean skin. Apply a thin layer over face, avoiding eye area. With damp fingers, massage in a circular motion; remove with luke warm water.

MN Polished Perfection Facial Scrub~ sachet samples
 MN Polished Perfection Facial Scrub~ ready for use on my palm

MN Polished Perfection Facial Scrub~ full size tube web image
MY EXPERIENCE with MN Polished Perfection Facial Scrub:

I have a very baby skin, no it is not soft like a baby but very sensitive like a baby. So any product claiming to be a "Scrub" is a NO for me, means any product having any kind of micro or macro granules or enzymes. As I have to review these for my lovely readers I used it (see how much I love you). I was directed u use it thrice in my seven days skin care routine with MN. When I squeezed out the content of a single sachet I knew it will be harsh on my baby-like-sensitive skin. As MN claims these enzymes from fruits, apricot and mango seeds are finely milled, but they are NOT (see the image of the scrub in my palm). First time I applied it all over my face and massaged very gently. I focused on my T-zone as it needs exfoliation more than my dry cheeks. After 1-2 minutes,I washed it off. Well as I knew my cheeks were gone red like tomato, although I was very gentle. But I was amazed to see my T-zone, although it was RED too but the strawberry nose was looking much clearer with clean pores. I called the MN representative and on knowing my skin's sensitive condition she advised me to leave using it. But on my third day of this skin care routine I used it only on my T-zone with No harm done to the sensitive areas. Each sachet contains 3 g. of the product and a single sachet was enough for me. I will not recommend this product for people with very dry sensitive skin, although these granules are good in cleaning the skin inside out as they did to my nose.

MN Polished Perfection Facial scrub comes in a full-size tube: Net wt. 113 g./4 oz worth Pkr 2550. The ordering details are given at the end of this post.


A highly concentrated anti-aging serum that helps promote a brighter, younger-looking complexion. Formulated with our Bright+ Complex an exclusive blend of high amount of Vitamin C and other brightening agents helps diminish the appearance of spots and discoloration,and improve skin clarity. The Vitamin C, along with peptides, help improve the look of fine lines. The velvety formula and optical diffusers leave skin silky, smooth, luminous and healthy looking. Suitable for all skin types.

Directions for use:
Apply to cleansed and toned skin followed with moisturizer. Use a continual exfoliator and sunscreen daily to enhance the results.

MN Brilliant-C brightening Serum~ sachet samples
MN Brilliant-C brightening Serum~ ready for use on my palm

MN Brilliant-C brightening Serum~full size bottle web image
MY EXPERIENCE with MN Brilliant-C Brightening Serum:

This was the beauty of the package!!! After cleansing and twice, only, scrubbing my face I applied this MN Brilliant-C serum and I was so happy It was too good to be true. This is a shimmery serum with a very mild orange scent (with all that Vitamin C infusions), the scent is not over powering rather gave me a sense of freshness for the rest of the day. On the first day when I applied it on my scrubbed skin it gave a sensation to my cheeks but that was only because of the scrubbing thing. It glided smoothly and gave such a wonderful soft feel to my facial skin. Although it hydrated the skin so no moisturizer was needed but still to complete the skin care routine I applied my own moisturizer and there I GO!!! I am really tempted to own this one as it claims to be perfecting skin with all that Vitamin C and other agents in it formula which are good for anti-aging and going towards 30 one must start caring for AGING. The shimmers in the formula provides the glow to the face. This one won my heart truly:)

MN Brilliant-C Brightening serum comes in full size bottle with a pump: Net wt.30 ml worth Pkr 4750. The ordering details are given at the end of this post.

After 7 days I can feel my skin more soft and the patchy dryness on my cheeks fading with my nose less clogged with black heads. The glow the serum gives goes away when the face is washed again but the brightness this routine enhanced on my facial skin dis not fade any way. I am glad to use Merle Norman Products, Thumbs up for the Brilliant-C cleanser and serum but I have my reservations for the Polished perfection Facial Scrub for being harsh on my sensitive skin.
In the picture below you all can see my cleansed glowing skin, the redness is due to the sensitivity and dryness of Winters,(the picture is not at all photo shopped trust me!)

Result of a week skin care routine with Merle Norman products

The products seems to be expensive but I am sure investing that much for your skin is worth it. The good part is that the company provides there clients with skin care services plus skin analysis and you can have sachet samples before buying the products so to be sure of your skin suitability.
For products details you can visit Merle Norman website. For product and service updates join Merle Norman Facebook fanpage.
Merle Norman has a franchise in Karachi Pakistan at the Forum Mall: G-4 shop the forum mall, Contact# 021-35303701.  
For Product and price info and appointment for there services you can contact them on the contact number and also through Facebook page. They are opening an outlet in Lahore soon. They also provide home-delivery of there products. Well hope they soon open an office is Islamabad so I can visit them and get to know more wonderful products so I can share with all you lovely readers, followers and friends of  mine.

Hope you all like my detailed and honest review. Do comment, share, like, tweet, G+ and PIN this post to spread the Love of skin care.

To read other posts on MERLE NORMAN's products on my blog click here!!!

Remember me in your prayers.


Note: These press sachet samples were sent to me by the company for the review purpose, although it has not effected my review as my shared experience is based on TRUTH and my opinion is 100% loyal to my lovely readers. For details please read my Blog's Policy

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  1. i can say these are blessing for winter... in winter my skin become very dry.. i think i should get solution for me too. thanks for sharing amazing and wonderful review :)

  2. Wohaa Girl!! You bring back memories to me , I had used these quite a while some years ago and I can surely says these are sucha miraculous products :) Merle Norman never disappoints me :) Brilliant review girl xx

  3. Winter always comes with dry and flaky skin but i think now your this winter will be free of all these . Great review <3

  4. You have written such a brilliantly detailed review, i think i know everything there is to know abt these products now:) The serum sounds great for winters. Thanks for the review:)

  5. I felt extremely compelled to write my own review too :) Hopefully it will only help to enhance your wonderful post and encourage more ladies to rush out and purchase this!! Background: I have been using MN makeup since I was in high school, I am now 35 and though great genes help, I look like I am about 23 ;) I have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin that gets horrible dry patches and can break out of I'm not careful!! I'm talking so sensitive here, that I absolutely cannot use ANY other creams, toners, moisturizers, etc., So, if my review can help as well then I'll be thrilled!! I have to add first that to wash my face (I apologize this is not MN but I'm afraid to try anything else,) I use the product from DHC called Deep Cleansing Oil and believe me the name is not misleading, this does not leave skin greasy and oily. The other product in my routine that I am absolutely addicted to is the Brilliant-C Brightening Serum!! There are no suitable words in the dictionary for how I really feel about this product!! I've heard other reviews where ladies are saying that it feels heavy sitting on your skin!?!?!?! I know we all have different types of skin but I think that's crazy!! ;) This Serum is so incredibly silky and velvety smooth, it absorbs instantly, it is very soothing ESPECIALLY if if you keep it in your fridge when your not using it!! I highly recommend doing that!! So, as mentioned before, I agree that my skin tone has evened out I have not had any breakouts, I still didn't really have fine lines at 35 but even still it helps. I do get bags and dark circles because I don't sleep, but since I've been using this they are gone!! :D Now, I apologize for writing a novel here ;) However, I HAVE to post this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT FACT!! I unfortunately have a skin condition that affects the backs of my arms and my upper legs This condition is called Keratosis Pilaris A.K.A. 'KP' I will post a link for additional info but in a nutshell, I have little tiny skin colored bumps. They are not painful and do not itch but, if you touch my arm it feels very rough and dry :( There's no cure for it, it DOES run in families and the ONLY options the Dr's give you are very harsh prescriptions i.e., Retin A, Salicylic Acid, Steroids, the list goes on!! Well, I am BEYOND THRILLED to report that I decided to put some Serum on the backs of my arms for a couple days, maybe 4 days total so far, and ladies... IT'S ALMOST GONE!!!!!!! Bottom line: Ladies Buy These Products!! Because even in the rare case they don't work work for your skin, MN will take them back :D Thanks so much for reading email me with any questions and here is the link to read if you have or think you may have KP. ★☆Stay Beautiful My Sisters☆★

  6. Nice blog,thanks for sharing this kind blog


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