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Hey MUA Lovers!!!
Oooops!!! I HAULED again, but trust me if it has not been done now I would have lost my senses. This is a LONG awaited HAUL. I have been craving, crying and whining for MUA's raved products since June, 12. I had a HAUL when Just4girls was celebrating there first birthday and with a difference of one hour I missed the most raved Eye shadow primer, waited for it, it came in and then was OUT of STOCK once again then waited and craved and in the meanwhile many other products from MUA, esp there new range also added on my WISHLIST (But I always made a priority list according to my LONG WISH LIST). I have no complain for just4girls that the products which were to be re-stocked in October got late due to an accident, as it's just luck. Then finally the MUA products came in stock and without wasting even a single moment I placed my order online and got my parcel with in a week. Had a problem with the courier company but for my precious parcel my joy overcame the bad experience. I know you are not liking my chattering now and want me to stop and show you my haul so: TO KNOW MORE READ MORE!!!...lolz...

Packed in the bubble paper

I had a real long list but according to my budget I had to drop MUA's latest cream blusher, powder blush, Mascara, many of there lipsticks, undressed and popastic palette and few single eyeshades and few more beauties...pheeeeeeeeeeeewww!!! you see I still got a long list to get hold of but I managde to get makeup essentials and my most tempted products plus few for Blogger trial like the gloss and the concealer. Let me share the List of what I got:

  1. MUA Lipstick-shade 16-Nectar: Pkr 200
  2. MUA Lipstick-shade 15-Juicy: Pkr 200
  3. MUA Professional Eye Primer: Pkr 450
  4. MUA Professional Face Primer: Pkr 700
  5. MUA Pro Intense Kisses Lipgloss- QUICK KISS: Pkr 350
  6. MUA Professional Brush on concealer Pen: Pkr 350
Including the delivery charges the total I had to pay was Pkr 2,500. I saved this money all long to try these goodies and will get the rest too very soon.

Hope you like my mouth watering MUA HAUL. Do comment, like, tweet, share, G+ and Pin IT.

Did you treat yourself with MUA products yet? or you are still missing the MUA frenzy?

To Check the MUA products range available in Pakistan and to order it online check Just4girls. MUA ship worldwide and do offer many promotional offers every now and then check there Facebook fanpage and for getting it directly from MUA towers in Uk click HERE!!!

I am really thankful to Just4girls for there patience they showed to us all maniac waiting for MUA and delivering the best in the packaging. Esp there representative Hifza for being so sweet and understanding.

Remember me in your prayers.

Stay tuned for detailed review of all MUA goodies.


NOTE: This is NOT a PR post/products.

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  1. good haul :) last week i received my mua order from the same website, i got MUA glamour days palette and a eye glitter pencil in pink sparkle,then i ordered again for a Mua pretty pastel palette and a lipstick n powder blusher,now me waiting for the delivery.. :D

  2. shade 16 revew sb se pehley plz

  3. Such a lovely haul . I have yet to try Mua products

  4. Nice haul ... And sorry for your long wait but wait for the things to get things better always worth !!! I love MUA eye primer , their new cream blusher and powder blushes along with their lipsticks :) Pls do share reviews on their new intense lip gloss !!!! :) xxxxx

  5. Nice haul . I have also ordered some Mua products to Just4girls and now waiting for my parcel <3

  6. lovely ... i am loving each item... each item is so catchy for me

  7. I'm drooling :) such a lovely collection plz do share your experience about their concelear pen xoxo

  8. I really want to get the eyeshadow primer!! Great picks

  9. Great Haul! Now waiting for your reviews, especially on the lipsticks!

  10. wow i want to see the gloss swatch


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