Rimmel MAX volume flash WP Mascara ~Review + before and after pictures

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Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
You all must have came across the products which CLAIMS HIGH but doesn't work for you, for one reason or another. How was my experience with Rimmel MAX volume flash WP Mascara? To Know More Read More!!!


  • Water Proof
  • Up to 14x volume
  • Easy to remove
Made in England. Shade# 001 BLACK.

Rimmel MAX volume flash WP Mascara

Rimmel MAX volume flash WP Mascara
Rimmel MAX volume flash WP Mascara

The X-L wand

It is a fatty pink plastic container with BIG BLUE inscriptions. It has a dome-tip screw cap which has wand attached with it. The wand is really BIG with Big with medium dense bristles. Net wt. 0.27 fl oz 8 ml. It can survive 12 months.

Before: Without any Mascara

After: Rimmel MAX volume flash WP Mascara

I had a HAUL in April and it was on my top wish list then along with the Stay Matte foundation from Rimmel, will review that soon. The sales girl was very nice at the counter of Rimmel at Al-Fatah, Lahore, I asked her to show me the Best Mascaras from the range. She showed the Scandal-eye Mascara and insisted me to get that, but I rejected for three reasons: 1) it was a really big wand that can mess my medium/small eyes, 2) it was pricey, 3) it was not Water Proof. I selected this one as it has a Medium Big wand, was affordable and was Water Proof, as I prefer WP Mascaras for Summers. I was glad buying it but I was Disappointed using it. This was the first time I was using this type of BIG wand and now I know it's not for me as it can mess my small eyes with longer lashes. The formula's consistency is really liquidy and doesn't dry quickly so that's a mess number 2, as when I opened my eyes my lash's tips touched and stained my crease area. Mess number 3 is that it clumps, it is manageable if you comb it quickly with a lash combing tool, but who has that much time to work on the mess on the really tricky area of the face, i.e. LASH. If only the neck was a little narrower so it can squeeze the excess of liquidy formula off the wand, most of the Mascaras have narrow neck but this one has a wider one which says bbye to the wand with all the liquid it was dipped in.
In only one thing it was OKEY and that is that it is Waterproof and can be removed easily. My L'oreal Hydra Fresh Foaming gel removed it effectively without leaving any stain behind, I only used it once or twice than I discontinued using it any more.
I am not sure will it work wonders for bigger eyes. Although it provided VOLUME to my thin long lashes but the mess I had to cop with was irritating. I am not a Mascara-sucker I love the mascaras which gives result in single application, I only require volume and dense darkness for my Thin but Long lashes. You can give it try if you love Big wands and liquidy formulas...


  • you want real volume for your thin lashes
  • you like wate-proof Mascaras
  • you think it is affordable
  • you love big wand mascaras
  • you like liquidy formulas
  • you wanna give it a try


  • bigger wand is a threat to your medium/small eyes
  • you can't stand liquidy formula mascaras
  • you can not handle the mess the not-so quickly drying Mascara
  • you hate that it clumps


2.5/5, even if I try to be generous. I am not going to have this one again or may be not ANY again from RIMMEL London's Range esp the ones with BIG WANDS.


You can get it for Pkr 650 from all the stores nation wide having Rimmel's products, and the on-line stores like just4girls.pk which deals in Rimmel London.

Hope you like my review and will agree with me do comment, share, like, tweet, G+ and PIN this post to spread the word around.

Has any Mascara disappointed you ever? Which one do share?

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Remember me in your prayers.


NOTE: This is not a PR post/product.

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  1. hi dear this mascara works!!!! ^^
    I want to try it
    kiss and have an happy day

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  2. I'm in search of a good mascara like always!
    Thanks for reviewing this :)

  3. didnt work for me.wasiey you have long lashes even without mascara

  4. such a disappointment :( .. nice review

  5. a very honest review indeed xoxo

  6. such an honest review , thanks for sharing dear


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