Skin care HAUL November 12'

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 5 Comments

Hey Makeup Lovers!!!
Someone said HAUL???? I did....;p Have a look:

Winter is here very much and my skin is gone 360 Degrees from what it was in Summers. In this Summers I had a combination/oily skin and now the dry cheeks are gone barren and the T-zone is like a dried oil well still erupting oil in day-times and a little dewy only not oily and greasy like it was in Summers. I went to D-Watson F-10 and got all these necessities will review them soon now let me share the details along with the prices:
From Left to Right:

  1. Body Luxuries Dancing Waters Hand wash: Pkr 175
  2. Freeman Facial Detoxifying Mask: Pkr 310
  3. Freeman Facial Moisturizing Cleanser: Pkr 310
  4. Herbel Essences Body envy Shampoo: Pkr 335
  5. Body Luxuries Body Splash INTO THE WILD: Pkr 190
  6. Freeman Bare foot Heel and Callus Balm: Pkr 310
Will review them all individually soon as Winters and changing weather is taking its toll on my little princess and I am coping with her illness, need your prayers and will be taking out time to share my reviews with you all.

Remember me and my little princess in your prayers.


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  1. i dont like herbal essence shampoo.made my hair very tell your experience because i want to know y ppl like it so much.dancing exotic.

  2. Oh I love the shampoo! Works wonderfully with my oily hair. I'll definitely go to the f 10 branch for that body spray since gift shops in Jinnah are selling it for double the price!

  3. Hope your daughter recovers soon xx that's a yummy haul, id love to see reviews! :)

  4. I have the Dancing Waters body splash...its an amazing scent

  5. Nice haul, I am curious about the freeman products you bought :)


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