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Hey Luscious Lovers!!!
As You all ladies know I am a big fan of Luscious Cosmetics.They have the best quality products in the town, and there is no doubt about it. They have made few changes in there 12 pc Deluxe Diva Brush Set like the case has a magnet button now and few brushes replaced. Did this impress me? To Know More Read More!!!

Luscious Cosmetics 12 pc DELUXE DIVA BRUSH SET:

A deluxe, twelve-piece brush collection for the diva who’s got to have it all. This brush set includes 12 luxury brushes for creating a professional, polished makeup application. It includes a face powder brush, a blush brush, a lip brush, a brow brush, a concealer brush, and seven professional eyeshadow brushes. This set comes with its own luxurious faux leather carrying case.
These high quality brushes have sleek handles and top high-quality synthetic and natural hair.

Luscious makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free and are made from high-quality synthetic and natural hair.

Luscious 12 pc Deluxe Diva Brush Set 

These 12 brushes comes in a beautiful faux leather carrying case. It is very easy to use and pack with that Magnetic button. The new look for the casing is lovable  All 12 brushes are synthetic and some have 100% natural hair, without being cruel to animals as Luscious claims. Each brush stands proudly in its own individual cell/compartment stitched in the casing. Each brush has a strong wooden holder painted black with each one having Luscious inscribed in White. The brush's bristles are tied in a silver neck which looks elegant.

Luscious 12 pc Deluxe Diva Brush Set


I have grown a new love to collect brushes as now I have realized that the brushes and that too perfect brushes can add perfection to the makeup either it be formal or even for routine one. Luscious 12 pc Deluxe Diva Brush Set has always been there on my wish list. The new look is even more attractive with 1 powder brush, one blush brush, one concealer brush, one eyebrow brush, one lip brush and the wide range of  seven Brushes for eye makeup. So what else one needs. I am very glad that Luscious has minus the Sponge applicator in this set which is usually included in many brush sets out there, Good to know that they know IT IS USELESS. The selection of brushes for this set is wonderful as it caters all areas of concerns during makeup ritual. I don't know but I missed FAN Brush in this one well that is only a personal choice as there Fan Brush is really appreciated.. The Angled blush/contouring brush is also missed by me, but that one is in there FACE CASE Brush Set. I observed a little shedding from few brushes and that is not a good thing according to me provided the quality brand offers and the price tag it has. I think it can be a great starter pick for the beginners and for daily use. Let's review the brushes individually...


Well this one is the BIGgest brush of the set. Full, soft and dense. Picks up the powder generously and application is cool. But in comparison with My other powder brush, out of this set, it is not that Big as I would like my Powder Brush to be. So you can say it is a Medium sized Powder brush. It has the problem of shedding the most, well that's poor! Although I like it black and brownish-red bristles. I may use it for shimmering or bronzing my face or body.


 The blush brush is good it is not that full and dense though. It works good for precised application of blush on the cheeks. Shedding is also a problem with it and that is sad. Its beauty is again its black and brownish red bristles.


Well here is a confusion as on Luscious website this brush is named as "FLAT ROUNDED EYESHADOW BRUSH" and in the description of the set they have mentioned the presence of a "CONCEALER BRUSH". I am taking it in as a concealer brush though. It is really good in its work and its soft synthetic bristles blends in the concealer very well under my eyes, and you may know that is a tacky place.


I use it to highlight my eyebrow bone and also to contour my nose bridge works well.


I must say this is the beauty of this set. I heard many people raving Luscious blending brush and now I know they all were right. This is super dense blending brush all White, so it may stain with the time but who cares for the stains if it works wonderfully. I started using it regularly for my eyes makeup and no one can point out that my eye shadows are not BLENDED well:) Although this is my first blending brush so far but I am loving it.


It is a fluff brush with round top. I used it for shading the base colour works well. It has long soft bristles. Nothing much to say about this one. But it is a good brush of the lot.


Good to have an ANGLED Eyebrow brush in here as it is really soft and good for precise shade application on the eye brows, along with any cream or brow wax.


 This is one of my most favorite brush in the set. The people who are into professional eye makeup knows the importance of Pencil brush and there are many Best companies selling this beauty for great price tag but here you have it in the set, that's WOW. Good for the shade application on the crease. It seems to be made of natural bristles. The precised application can be achieved through the round tip of this brush.


 The synthetic bristles of this tiny black brush help applying smaller amount of shade on to the required area like inner corner of eyes or under the lowed eye lid.


The Dome topped Smudger. I love how it smudges my liquid liner and my pencil liners on my lash line and around. Another beauty of this set.


 Well after having so many ANGLED EYELINERS in the town this one seems to be a bit old-fashioned. But for the people who still use liquid liners this one will work. It is dense and the tip is not-that pointy. I use it to apply eye shade under my lower eye lash.


 This one is my LOVE of the set as it made me use it again and again although I am not a person who even think of applying Lipstick with a brush. But here I am reaching to it for my Lipsticks application as its Angled head give me command over the shaping of my lips esp the Cupid bow. It helps allot in mixing lipstick with another shade or even with the lip liner. Totally usable and lovable Lip Brush.

Soon I will use these brushes in my FOTD's And EOTD's, as now my work is made mush easier with 12 pc Deluxe Diva Brush Set.
This Product is used in a FOTD here.


  • you like the 12 pc brush collection of this set
  • you love the quantity of brushes for eye makeup in this set
  • you want the variety
  • you love the new trendy casing
  • you are a beginner and want to have a reasonable Brush set
  • you love that a Pakistani brand offers world class brush set
  • you love everything that is LUSCIOUS :p


  • you hate the shedding part
  • you think its pricey
  • you are into separate brushes instead of sets
  • you prefer high-end brands' brushes paying all those extra Taxes in purchasing them
  • you think these 12 brushes can not fulfill your professional requirements


4/5. Few changes required regarding the eyeliner brush and the correction of names and the Shedding is a BIG NO providing the price the consumer is paying and the quality the company claims.


12 pc Deluxe Diva Brush Set is worth Pkr 2,350. Can be found nation wide in store that keep Luscious display counter. You can get them through online shopping from Luscious website.

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  1. nice review girl :) no doubt Luscious is working so good on their products.. and i really wanted to have few of these brushes :)

  2. Nice post. I really like Luscious' big blush brush, eye brow brush & lip brush (for eye liner). Their eye liner and blending brush are just not good for fine results and so is the flat eye shadow brush, just way too big for precise placement. This is though a good and budget friendly kit for starters.
    I hope they have made some improvements in this updated kit. Thanks for the detailed review. =) xx

  3. I don't know if I am gonna go and buy it! The look of the brushes somewhat makes me question it for some reason. :/ And thank you for mentioning that they shed! It is such a turn-off seeing what one has to pay to get them!


  4. This is a nice beginners makeup brush kit, i see they have changed some brushes in this new set..i love using these with cream products :)

  5. Oh this is in my wish list... great review :)

  6. such a great detailed review , thanks dear :)

  7. Its good to see they have updated their kit, but I'll be waiting for a better version still :p Thanks for such a detailed review.

  8. "you prefer high-end brands' brushes paying all those extra Taxes in purchasing them"
    Hilarious: D
    loved your review.


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