MUA Lipsticks~ Juicy (15) & Nectar (16)~ Review & Swatches

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Hey MUA Lovers!!!
These days every one has just gone crazy for MUA Lipsticks, raving its wide range and really mini price tag.So my blogger heart steal over my pocket and had two of these shade 15 & 16. Did these lipstick made me crazy like MUA Intense Kisses LipGloss did, from my HAUL??? To Know More Read More!!!


Girls, there is nothing better than lipstick. Apart from maybe lipstick that costs just £1! Ok definitely lipstick that costs just £1. Don't say we're not good to you. Our amazing lipsticks come in 16 shades from red to pink and nude and are packed full of pigmentation. With just one swipe you'll have fantastic colour pay off resulting in gorgeous lips! Why not pick a shade you've not tried before and get a new look? It is just £1 after all...did we already mention that?

They have a selection of 16 Shades : I own JUICY (15) and NECTAR (16).

MUA Lipsticks~  Nectar (16) & Juicy (15)


I must appreciate that the packaging is really great provided with such a low price tag. It is a black beauty with a shade swatch at the bottom. The best part is that these bottom pans are attached to the lower part by screwing, that means no falling down and no MESS. It has a black cap the whole body is black plastic except the bullet chamber which is silver. It is not a cheap casing I find it of good quality and attractive. But the major confusion is created with two or more shade cards attached over each other and all have different names as my Nectar has a sticker underneath which declares it as "BARE (14) and JUICY has the tag of NECTAR..lolz so these are funny too.
Net wt. 3.8 g.

JUICY shade # 15:

MUA Lipsticks~ Juicy (15) 

MUA Lipsticks~ Juicy (15)


Well this shade is simply not-ma-kind-a-shade. It is peachy pink but it is so light that it POPS out on my complexion. I am sure it will suite either on very fair complexion or on a real tan/dark complexion. It is not of that good quality. I wish the product would also be of a good quality like the packaging. It settles in to crease and doesn't give equal application. I had to apply more than twice and then press my lips several times to get it even, you can see the swatches. The formula is creamy but it tends to be CAKEY. Staying power? Don't even ask 1 hour is maximum it can give. This price only delivers this much :p
I am not giving this away although doesn't like the shade but I always wanted to buy this one as I liked the name and the description that it is a "PEACHY PINK", but no one, who reviewed this one told that it is too light. Still, if I didn't buy it then how would I known that its not for me and would have kept craving for this one. Actually I broke my rule of "always buy bright shades; when buying online, as that lessens the intensity of risk of trying New shade- Safe Bargain". So No Worries I am taking it as a challenge and using my old tricks of mixing shades mixing it with brown lip liners to make it settle on my face. Here is how I tame it, click this link.

NECTAR shade# 16:

MUA Lipsticks~ Nectar (16)

MUA Lipsticks~ Nectar (16)


Well this one is a HALF-Winner. As the shade is acceptable to me and my complexion but the quality is a bit weird like "Juicy". This one also settles into the creases of lips. The formulation is creamy but it tends to be bit dry like a matte lipstick, not cakey at-least. Application is again un-even. Lip life is short as this also goes in one hour, but what can be excepted in 1 Pound. The shade is a coral pink. I often reach out to this, then apply and forget that its on my lips. But a better one, This is why I call it a HALF-WINNER. In Winters it will make the dull face bright. Nectar is a brighter shade as compared to JUICY so it was a Safe Bargain.


  • you are looking for a lipstick in low price tag
  • you can compromise on quality to have that wide range of 16 shades
  • you like creamy lipsticks (but they are not that good: friendly advice)
  • you like the packaging with screw pot at the bottom full of swatch
  • you like NECTAR
  • you like LIGHT shades like JUICY
  • you think the bright shades will be good
  • you want to try them any way


  • you are not a risk taker
  • you do not like LIGHT shades like JUICY
  • these fail to appeal you
  • you are not into creamy lipsticks


2.5/5. This is much I can give to these. I hope that the bright shades in there range like #3 etc can deliver far better than Juicy. The Risk is your own but I think at this price the risk is worth taking if you are a true makeup lover at heart... Next time I will purchase few of there bright shades :p
No one can STOP ME!!! lolz.


I got it for Pkr 200/£1 each from Check MUA website, they ship worldwide.

Hope you all like my honest review of MUA Lipsticks. Do comment  share,like, tweet, G+ and Pin it.

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Remember me in your prayers.


Note: This is not a PR post/product.

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  1. the juicy ones didnt work out well for me either...doesnt lasts for long..n seems to be very light for my complexion..

  2. Ooopsss, wow must say nice review and i really want to MISS it :P

    thanks for saving me...

  3. nice review.... i was so happy when i saw MUA lipstciks.. but after use i am also not much happy with these

  4. and your lips it is looking so creamy..but on mine it was looking so dry

  5. such an honest review , thanks for sharing :)

  6. I like Nectar most . Nice review .

  7. Thank you all, and it is my duty to give u all an honest review every time:)

  8. Hehe you can never have too many makeup products ;)

  9. I like nectar more, but the shades are indeed very bright, yet fun :)

  10. why the lipstick in pots are there????

  11. i got it they are the bottoms of the lipsticks:p:D

  12. Lovely lovely review i have this shade and never used it now m searching where the hell its in my stash .. Huda why dont you delete your giveaway thumbnail with wvery post you posted i alwayss feel oh i red this one but if i read the title its always diff so sometym due to that thimbnail i skip the post.


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