My "METRO" Peep toes in Silver-grey

Monday, December 17, 2012 Sparkling Palette Blog 18 Comments

Hey Lovers of foot-wear!!!
Foot-wear is my second obsession after makeup so thought of starting sharing my foot-wear collection with you all. Recently I bought these Peep toes from Metro shoes, I am simply loving these. To Know more Read More!!!


These are low heels in a style called PEEP TOE, in which toes are peeping out from the opening at the front of the shoes. The colour is Silver-grey and on there is a fabric knot on it. The inner sides are opened and the back is well gripped.


As I just confessed that foot-wear is my second obsession after makeup. There was a time I bought a new pair of shoes, mostly flats/flip flops every month out of my salary. When I got married I had more shoes to pack-up than the dresses. few I gave away, to my cousins or mostly to mom and mostly I packed up with my things to take along me to my new home. On my Wedding I bought 4 pairs of new shoes, mostly heels one Red big heel for the wedding day, one little open back low heel with allot of diamante for post-wedding parties etc. Then there was a stop for long time in foot-wear shopping,same like the no new addition in my makeup stash since 2012. During pregnancy I got a relaxing chappal, flat from BATA, or bought a Canvas cum joggers (BATA) for walks etc. Now as I am over the C-section pains etc. I am back to upgrade my shoe collection as I did with my makeup stash too. But the buyings are not that often as they were in Pre-marriage ERA...lolz
On the recent EID, I was on a hunt for something new, a new colour in my collection but a low-heel etc. etc (I personally prefer low-heels that's comfortable and even less painful if one has to carry a baby  :p). I was hunting from one store to another to one brand to other. I visited Metro Shoes at G-9, Islamabad and after trying many wedges I spotted these in there SALES corner. They were on 50% off what else one need esp the hubby who has to pay the bill. I tried these and got them. Actual price was around 1450 Pkr but I got these for 700 Pkr only:) These are comfortable stylish and happening. I like the fabric, chiffon crinkle, knot, tinted grey, on the front that is awesome.
I am loving these.
Here is a Visual Shoe Dictionary for your guidance, it helped me allot:)

Hope you will like this addition on my blog and would love to see more posts on Foot-wear.
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Which style of Foot-wear you prefer?

Take Care!
B.bye!!! (As this is a shoes related post so I am not signing out in my usual manner out of sheer respect)

Note: This is not a PR post/product.

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  1. the dictionary of shoes is really interesting...
    kiss and have an happy start of week

    the simple life of rich people blog
    instagram @thesimplelifeofrichpeople
    twitter @simpleliferichP

  2. The best part, husband has got to pay! :D
    Nice buy.

    Sana x

    1. lolz well that is the best part and the worst part is that U HAVE TO MAKE THEM PAY....lolz

  3. so elegant .. i am so love such shoes which has broach or have detailing on the shoe.. like you have bow...

  4. I love the shade of your shoes, looks lovely <3

  5. I bought a peep toe form metro and it irritated me alot!! my experience with metro is not good :( ecs is good :)

    1. So sorry u didn't have a good experience, well with me these are behaving well and me myself is fan of ECS... but there flipflops are the best na!:)

  6. Grey is such a wintery color. The heels look good on you. x


  7. This blog is very well written and I appreciate your efforts.. Keep up the good work.

  8. Impressive, definitely great material. This blog is absolutely awesome.


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