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Hey Skin Care Lovers!!!
The chilly breeze is making the skin dry, crackly and hard. Every one is getting products to save there skin this Winters, many are sticking to what they have ever loved or trusted, few are looking for new options. I chose to try a new option this time, Pond's Moisturising Cold Cream, I am not into "cold creams" at all. Does this one changed my mind or I will change it? To Know More Read More!!!

Skin nutrients and moisturisers.
Moisture + Nourish + Protect.

Pond's Moisturising Cold Cream

It comes in a square cube paper packaging, the jar is of white plastic with a screw cap. On the cap there is a pressed blue design that looks cute and adds on grace to the jar/pot. I like that on the packaging the descriptions and details are mentioned in Urdu too, along with other details of expiry and ingredients.
Net wt. 100 ml

Pond's Moisturising Cold Cream 
Pond's Moisturising Cold Cream
Pond's Moisturising Cold Cream~ inside the Pot

Since the time I got aware of caring for the dry skin in Winters (and that time is not that long ago as a child I was victim of Vaseline and Nivea cold cream layers like many other kids till I started going to College) I tried many cold creams/moisturising lotions and found my HG Olay pink fluid, trusted that one ever. But the Chilly breeze of Islamabad, Pakistan has beaten that on my skin as my skin is very very very dry esp around my cheeks. This season I know I have to switch to a "cold cream" instead of a moisturising lotion, cause that can't give me enough protection. I hate most of the cold creams for being thick, densely fragranced and stick besides being oily and making you shine. Last year I tried Pond's Lotion well that was very greasy as it made my face so much shiny as if I washed it with a pot of oil and was washed away easily so had to re-apply many times. After advice from my friends this time I decided to try Pond's Moisturising Cold Cream. It changed my perception of cold creams as it is not-that thick, greasy and fragranced. It is white cream, with a light soft fragrance. spreads evenly on skin and moisturises it thoroughly. It is not that expensive too. I can feel my skin being softer and less drying all day, re-application is needed only after washing face. Suiting me well so no worries this Winters!!!

  • looking for a budget friendly solution for dry facial skin
  • like that it is moisturising cold cream
  • want a cold cream that protects your skin until next wash
  • want to get rid of hard crackly skin
  • you trust Pond's already
  • you are into high-end brands
  • you can't still stand COLD CREAM

Its a winner for me and I highly recommend it to you all esp if you are living in areas where Winter is really harsh.


Its for Pkr 165 and available nationwide in all the stores having Pond's on there counters. Check your nearest one. I got it from D-Watson F-10,as it is highly in demand so many shops are already out of stock on this one:)
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Remember me in your prayers.
Have a chilly season and enjoy crackling nuts by sitting in your blankets.
Happy Winters!!!

NOTE: This is NOT a PR post/product.

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  1. sounds promising , thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love this cream, it's really useful!!

  3. i love this cold cream.it works specially great for aging skin like 35 plus when first sign appear.it makes skin even,soft smooth and lovely to touch.I wish i had dry skin so that i wud have been able to use this one as it doesnt work so greta for oily skin.bt u know wat i will buy a jar whenever i go to market now inshallah.lemme write it in my list

  4. i have used the regular cream from ponds..the pink one! its pretty good for oily skin :)


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