Sigma F-82 & P-82 are all mine:D

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Hey Sigma Lovers!!!
This December SKY has been showering me with brushes and that too from my Favourite brands like "Sigma".One could only dream to have the Brushes named beauty "Sigma" in one's stash, I only dared to dream until I held them in reality. To Know More Read More!!!

The day since when I started blogging and getting to know more about beauty products esp brushes I always dreamed of having Sigma brushes. I always thought of but couldn't find myself appropriate to join Sigma Affiliate Program. Until one day I found an email from Sigma Representative inviting me to join there Affiliate program...Wow ME!!! No Unbelievable....!!! It was like my wish coming true without even my being trying for it. So here I am an official Sigma Affiliate. The surprises didn't stop here until one day My Complimentary Sigma Brushes arrived!!! Have a look at what I got...

Sigma Parcel~ well packed and beautiful 
Sigmax F82 & P82
P82 & F82
Yes Darlings I got F82 and P82 and I am loving these still being in the situation of "Unbelievable".
Let's Review these two beauties which taught me what perfection is called wrapped up in celestial beauty:)


Unique Feature: Dense and rounded head 
Function: Buffed powder foundation application 

Recommended Use: Blend mineral products onto the skin. 

Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax

What is a Makeup stash without a Kabuki? Ask me. I always missed a Kabuki but never bought any as I knew the perfect Kabuki is Sigma Kabuki, but as I told you I did not tickle that dream much so it was on snooze until I got this. F82 is a round Kabuki from Sigmax professional synthetic range.
"Blend Mineral Foundation onto all areas of the face".
It is its assigned task. I tried it with my liquid foundation,my compact and even for my blush. I found this dense brush best at every thing. With blush have to be very careful as being dense it picks up a generous amount of colour. It blended my liquid foundation very well as I blended it in circular movements called buffing after applying the foundation with fingers all around my face. I am enjoying using this Perfect Beauty Round Kabuki F-82. Will be using it in my FOTD's soon to come:)
This Product is used in a FOTD here.


Unique Feature: Small, dense and rounded head 

Function: Fingertip-like application 
Recommended Use: Apply shadow base or primer onto the lid. 
Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax

P82 is a round precision brush from Sigmax professional synthetic range. I am absolutely knocked out by this one as I never thought what wonders this dense round tip brush can do in th application of base colour to my lids. 
"Apply shadow base or primer onto the lid".
It is its assigned duty and is done well with perfection. Applying base colour equally and in one go on to  my lids was never so easy. This dense brush picks up the full pigments from the eye shadow pan and in one go gives you equal application of base colour on the lids. Primer can also be applied with this wondrous beauty. Will be using it in my EOTD's coming soon.


I can not but give them a full 5/5. They deserve it. Totally recommended for makeup lovers esp the Professionals who wish to achieve artistry with there makeup skills.


F82 is $18 and P82 is $16. Can be purchased from Sigma Beauty's website HERE!!!. You can also look for any online store to arrange these for you.
To avail the 10% code on shopping type the coupon code, given on the upper right corner of this blog you can shop via clicking the picture in the sidebar.

I am in love with these two beauties which are tempting me to do EOTDz and FOTDz for you all so see ya soon with many of these.

Do you own Sigma? Which beauties you have or wish to have?

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Note: These products are complimentary gift, but this, by no mean, has effected my honest review for my followers and readers. This post contains affiliate link. For details read Blog Policy.

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  1. Aww.. I am so happy for you! Enjoy the goodies. :D

  2. WOW girl :) it is a achievement ... go a head girl!! and enjoy these two must have products :)

  3. Sucha holy cow :) Congrats <3 xx

  4. The round kabuki has been added to my wishlist. Been seeing it everywhere! Looks soo good. Enjoy your bits, dear. :)

  5. Congrats! Would love to see some fotd

  6. wowww u lucky girl ... enjoy ur goodies :)

  7. You must be lucky to have these goodies and its first time when i heard that sigma send anything for joining their affiliate program . Congrats and Enjoy <3

  8. Congrats :))

  9. hi dear can you plz tell me you buy these or they send them free i heard that affilated should shop some thing first?and congrats

  10. Thanks all for ur love and how I got them is just made clear in the post :)

  11. Girl you are so lucky! :) x

  12. This is awesome. Sigma has amazing brushes. x

  13. Sigma brushes are LOVE! Congratulations <3

  14. Love the brushes! Congrats!
    What about following each other on facebook, Bloglovin and GFC??


  15. woww lucky you are :)i like P82- PRECISION ROUND thats so cute


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